11 Best Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty

11 Best Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty
11 Best Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty

Getting leads and sales is one part of a business; a more critical aspect of marketing is to retain the customers, turn them into loyalists and repeat customers. This is where businesses often fail, as they either lack the ability to turn a new customer into a lifetime customers, or become complacent about the way they handle customer service and various interactions.

Creating, enhancing and maintaining customer loyalty can be a challenging task but making use of expertise from customer support experts can make the job smoother.

Below are some tried and tested formulae by which businesses and contact centers can gain customers’ trust and build a big base of loyal customers:

  1. Always Deliver More Than You Have Promised:

    Meeting the expectations is no more a success factor when it comes to customer loyalty. In this world of cutthroat competition of acquiring & retaining customers, it is important for companies to over deliver. A package that is delivered ahead of time or a small surprise along with the order can go a long way in creating positive image about the brand in the mind of the customers. After all, a little “shopping delight” is what customers always love!

  2. Offer A Cut-Above Customer Service:

    “On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.” With this information at hand, it is quite evident that good customer service is the “new marketing strategy” for businesses. When customers are taken care of in a sensitive way, they are more likely to buy often and recommend others. Businesses should thus encourage call center managers to put together a highly skilled team where agents are not only adept in handling calls as per protocols but also display an emphatic side where they are “more willing” to hear out the customers rather than being in a hurry to complete the call.

  3. Respect Your Customers Concerns:

    Customers do not want to be treated like some sales figures. Therefore, it becomes imperative that customer care agents discard the monotonous scripts & dry conversations, and adapt a more intuitive problem-solving conversational style. When customers feel respected, they automatically become the goodwill ambassadors for the brand; thus, establishing loyalty with the brand.

  4. Ensure You Are Transparent:

    No one is perfect, and customers are aware of this. Therefore, instead of shying away from responsibilities and accountabilities, it is wise to own up mistakes and errors. When a customer realizes that it’s not a robot act and there is a genuine attempt by the call center to improve customer service and impression, he is sure on his way to regain faith in the brand and continue relationship with the brand.

  5. Show Genuine Appreciation:

    Move beyond the automated “Happy birthday” mails, and think of creative ways in which you can surprise and delight the customers. Appreciate every compliment you receive from them – love them, thank them. Let them know how much you value their opinion.

  6. Don’t Forget Its A Two-Way Traffic:

    It’s said that customers reward loyalty with loyalty. So, it it of utmost importance that while you try to acquire new customers, your old customers should remain your priority. Focusing on core clients and keeping them happy at all costs is the only way to secure your business. Fringe customers will come one day and go to your customers the other day; however, your loyal customers will stick with you irrespective of good or bad times.

  7. Try And Build Towards A Broader Relationship:

    Your relationship with the customer should not be transactional. Do not talk to them only when you want to sell some new products, or when you want to set the financial right. Establishing contact even without anything in immediate returns in agenda, goes a long way in establishing the right kind of relationship with the customers. Sharing of a useful article, a small ‘Hi’ here and there can go a long way in instilling confidence in the brand.

  8. Be Clear In Your Message:

    When resolving a customer issue, communication by call center agents should be tailored in such a way that customers have no doubts left in their mind. Cryptic solutions or solutions that leave the customers more confused and hassled would sure act as a deterrent when it comes to building customer loyalty.

  9. Sincerity Works The Best:

    More than honesty, it’s the sincerity that appeals to the customers. When call center executives approach customers generally to take their feedback and understand their complaints or concerns, customers are bound to get a feeling of importance. They will easily be able to see through the sincere efforts the brand is making towards pleasing the customers, thus, taking a step further towards being loyal customers of the brand.

  10. Reward Generously:

    Loyalty program reap great benefits; a few token of appreciations can indeed strengthen the relationship between brand and customers. A freebie, gift, pass to special events, etc. are some ways in which special customers can be taken care of effortlessly.

  11. Be Their Friend:

    Keep the best interest of customers in mind, and ask call center agents to dispense the most apt advice. Not all suggestions made by the call center executives would benefit the business, but it will sure help customers look up to the brand, and reach them for anything & everything. After all – Loyalty & friendship is all about taking care of each other.

Customer loyalty is not bought but won. It is not a product that is sold off-the-counter for people to buy and enjoy instantly; it is something that is built over a time, and stands through the highs & lows of the business. Therefore, it is important for businesses and most importantly call centers (often the first point of contact for customers) to identify & understand the right kind of customers they want in their family, and work towards enhancing their associations and experience, a bit by bit each day. When customers gain confidence in the brand, they make them a part of their lives – they become the hard-core loyal customers. The assistance provided by experts in customer care and multichannel services can be quite valuable in this direction

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