3 Ways Contact Center Optimization Can Boost Sales

3 Ways Contact Center Optimization Can Boost Sales
3 Ways Contact Center Optimization Can Boost Sales

Sales and Customer Service are no longer, two distinct fields. The gradual marriage of contact center and sales has been happening over a long period. Most contact centers have to bridge the two in such a way that they are able to deliver on both customer service as well as sales-related goals. Many examples are there of established businesses which have successfully managed to pull this off

Ensuring that your blended contact center performs well requires a multipronged yet seamless approach that conjoins the two different paths. Collaborating with an expert sales and acquisition outsourcing service provider would provide you the necessary know-ho and expertise to carry this off.

However, as good business practice, all contact center management and staff should be aware of the ways to optimize sales through the call center. Here, are some key approaches as to how contact center optimization can boost sales.

3 Ways Contact Center Optimization Can Boost Sales

  1. Ensuring Accurate Customer Service Data Analysis and Availability: 

    Gathering and analyzing customer service data is critical for evaluating contact center performance and making the necessary changes in them. This data will help contact centers come up with strategies that can help them achieve their desired customer service and sales goals. By integration of the data from the different departments, they can come up with better business strategies.

    When a contact center is in the business of generating sales, it becomes particularly important to ensure cohesiveness and consistency of data shared between contact center sales agents and sales and marketing agent. One way to achieve this is by ensuring integration of data, which is present in different databases in different systems and formats. This can be managed by ensuring that regularly updated version of customer data and analysis results are available to all the principal stakeholders of customer service and sales. This will facilitate better decision-making and creation of goals that takes into account both sales and service aspects and is based on providing high quality customer experience.

  2. Improving the Call Experience for Customers: 

    Sales-oriented contact centers derive their business primarily as a response to customer-initiated calls in response to sales offerings made by agents through calls. To ensure that these leads, result in sales, it is very important to ensure that the customer experience is of high quality. One factor that can negatively affect customer experience is the quality of the call itself. Frustrations experienced in the call can lead to ineffective sales, no matter the investment in the pay per call strategy. Some few strategies that can help in this direction are:

    • Respecting customers’ time and ensure that they do not wait beyond an acceptable time limit
    • Focus on calls that deserve your attention. Agents interacting with “illegitimate” callers waste a lot of valuable time. Scrutinize the callers carefully so that genuine customers get the best experience from you. Use of tools like IVR can help in this regard.
    • Ensure that your call route for each customer is as short as possible. The more detours and delays owing to more prompts, the more hassled, and irritated the customer would be. Chances of your agent following up that sales lead to completion will reduce drastically.
    • Focus on customers within your target area. Ensure that a filtering prompt is in place to weed out those that are from outstation locations and direct them to a call center near to them. This helps to manage your calls as well as help you provide dedicated efforts to those who qualify for the sales that you want to offer.
  1. Agent Optimization: 

    The most important factor behind successful blended sales/service centers and their ability to generate revenue is agent optimization. Several approaches can be used for ensuring that your agents are of the necessary quality that brings in the desired sales. Investing in agent optimization is essential if you want to bring about that desired conversion of leads to sales by increasing cross-selling and up-selling. Strategies to achieve agent optimization can pursue multiple directions, all directed at achieving a common end. These include carrying out: caller analysis, agent analysis, matching agent-customer, call analysis and monitoring and tracking of conversations.

Using these and other strategies can help a contact center achieve that nice blend between sales and customer service. As it is an inescapable reality of today’s changing sales and business world, companies and organization should transition into this new practice, without more delay. Outsourcing your contact center outbound and inbound call center services to an outsourcing expert would be an important step in this direction.

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