4 Ways to Engaged and Productive Contact Center Agents

4 Ways to Engaged and Productive Contact Center Agents
4 Ways to Engaged and Productive Contact Center Agents

Ever wondered what is that makes a contact center tick? Is it the process or the excellent equipment you are using? Alternatively, would it be the amount of money you have pumped into it, to get it going? Actually, while all of these contribute to the contact center success story, the greatest player is the contact center agent. A happy and motivated customer care agent is what helps your contact center customer service and sales strategy to be successful and deliver on its goals; they also contribute to differentiating your brand from others. 

Despite the onslaught of digital technology and social media, live agents continue to remain the foundation to the success of every contact center. Engaged contact center agents form the ink that is used to write your successful story script. When you have motivated agents who love doing their job and who bring passion to every action they undertake and especially in their interactions with their customers, you have lines of satisfied customers leaving your store. An experienced and intelligent customer care expert would ensure that their agents are happy and motivated. 

Unfortunately, many businesses may be aware of this but they do not practice it- with the result that they are burdened with floundering customer care services because of insipid and unmotivated agents. The result is that this attitude irks customers, helping them get more frustrated and transferring their ire onto the unmotivated agents, who in turn may become even more disinterested in their tasks. The resulting positive cycle of negativity leads to customer dissatisfaction, complaints, customer loss and poor contact center performance. 

Thus, an organization needs to keep its agents happy and engaged to ensure that they are charged up enough to deliver effective customer service. 

4 Ways to Engaged and Productive Contact Center Agents 

How can this be done? Here are four ways to get those engaged and productive contact center agents working away at their tasks:

  1. Hire the Right Fit: 

    It is very important that the contact center agent be able to fit into the organization’s context and gel with it, to function effectively as a representative of its brand and its goals. Such agents would integrate well into the company’s customer care context and environment and would be inherently be able to generate the drive and motivation to give satisfaction to customers. For this, the right agent has to be hired and thus, the hiring and recruitment process becomes particularly important. The organization needs to undertake an analysis into the kind of customer service agents they need- their persona, traits, and skills and use that as a foundation to pick out the best from the bunch. A competent and professional contact center outsourcing provider would ensure that they would have stringent customer care agent selection and hiring practices, so that your business gets the best for your work. In fact, they will ensure that the agents selected for an outsourced contact center project are the best fit for your organization.

  2. Clear Demarcation of Roles: 

    One of the things which can create considerable unhappiness in a contact center agent is unclear demarcation of roles or confusions concerning what exactly he or she is supposed to do. If managers are not clear about what they expect from agents and their functions are not clearly defined, it would lead to a sense of purposelessness. The agent would not feel a sense of connection with the company and that will reflect in the way they communicate with the customers. Effective customer service must come from the heart. When the agent has no heart in what he or she is doing, it is bound to affect the customer care negatively. 

  3. The Top-Down Effect: 

    One of the key factors behind engaged and proactive customer service agent is their equally or more motivated, engaged and enthusiastic manager. A Gallup organization survey has shown that a direct and clear link exists between engaged managers and engaged agents. So, if you want your agents to be motivated about their work, you as the manager, have to set the standards. A disengaged manager can have disastrous effects on the agent morale, productivity and thus the performance. Practically also, this has significance as reports have shown that lack of managerial engagement contributes to a significant amount of loss to the US economy. In other words, contact center managers have to lead the way by demonstrating engagement.

  4. Quality Training: 

    The challenge in customer service is the unpredictability, which the agent may experience at each moment while interacting with the customer. Unless prepared thoroughly, the agent will be ill-equipped to face a variety of customers who have a whole set of issues to resolve. It is the responsibility of every organization to ensure that its agents are given the best of training at the onset of their tenure as well as regular learning and development so that they are faced with the knowledge of how to act in specific situations. In addition, a SOP for all kinds of situations should be there so that agents do not feel lost about what to do in a novel and challenging situation. 

Commitment and dedication is at the heart of successful customer service. For that, an organization needs to have motivated and engaged customer service personnel.  Taking help of an experienced and competent sales and customer acquisition service provider would ensure that you get the kind of contact center agents who will boost your brand and customer service efforts, thus driving your sales. 

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