7 Must-Have Customer Care Channels for ecommerce Companies

7 Must-Have Customer Care Channels for ecommerce Companies
7 Must-Have Customer Care Channels for E commerce Companies

Online businesses have been on the rise, with everything from groceries, to heave machinery, from flight tickets to cars, everything being available and accessible over the internet. In fact, IBIS World research forecasts that online revenues are set to increase by 8.6% per year over the next couple of years. In addition, another interesting finding by eMarketer revealed that the Asia-Pacific sector would become the leading region for eCommerce sales in 2015, representing 33.4% of the total sales of the world, compared to 31.7% in North America and 24.6% in Western Europe. The North American and Western Europe regions will continue to dominate 90% of the global ecommerce market throughout the forecast period.

The going is definitely good for the eCommerce sector, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Customer attraction and retention are central to the success of online businesses. Online entrepreneurs have to continually devise new and innovative strategies to keep their target customers satisfied and interested in their products. Collaborating with a customer care call center outsourcing service expert will help you ensure that the quality of your eCommerce related customer care is indisputable.

There are many ways that this can be achieved. Thanks to a revolution in technology, businesses are now able to find a way to study their consumer demographic more closely and push sales via customized means.

7 Must-Have Customer Care Channels for E-commerce Companies

There are seven customer care channels that every eCommerce company should utilize as part of their customer service strategies.

  1. Social Media: 

    This is a great way to study consumer behavior and get insights into what your customer likes or dislikes. You can create pages on Facebook, get followed on Twitter or post upcoming sale or other announcements over Instagram. However, it is a two-way street, so be prepared for receiving queries from customers and be present on social media, ready to search out any comments, mentions, hashtags, etc.

  2. Phone Support: 

    The rise of alternate avenues of customer service has not affected the popularity of phone support. Every customer needs the assurance of being able to get in touch anytime and get a response in the shortest possible time. Make sure that your number is listed clearly on your store so that even if the customer does not call, he knows he has an option to do so.

  3. Email: 

    Like phone support, email support too cannot be ruled out as a standard for customer service. Emails are a great way to be in touch with your customers, without being intrusive. In addition, if a customer wishes to contact you, they can do so at leisure. In addition, emails are a great way of adding to your directory of customers and keeping them in the loop about all your products and seasonal discounts.

  4. Live Chat: 

    This is an extremely beneficial feature to have on your store, as it enables prompt responses from an executive, helping a customer solve their doubts and as a result, closing a purchase. It can also be a proactive feature, where a customer care executive can act as a personal shopper and aid in up selling of products.

  5. Suggestions: 

    These would essentially contain some quick links to help making the process of buying easier, especially for a new customer. These could be links to tutorials, return and exchange policies, shipping calculators, information about gift certificates, and more, that aid in making a purchase.

  6. FAQs: 

    Like suggested links, FAQs offer a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions by customers and enables them to help themselves and solve their own queries. A good way to build this database is to study the questions customers ask through surveys and analysis of calls made to your customer care. Make sure you include a search feature, so the customer does not have to go through a whole set of questions to reach his query.

  7. Contact Forum: 

    While the above media mostly cover major aspects of customer queries, having a contact form on your site enables you to collect valuable feedback from your consumers. This makes you appear approachable as a business and saves the customer the effort of emailing or making a call. Just ensure that the form is short and concise, and not time-consuming for the customer.

    While multi-channel customer service is the way forward, delivering a superior experience through these is also a key factor for success. Some best practices for these include:

    • Clear Communication: Customers need to know the ways in which they can get in touch.
    • Quality Assurance Programs: These should be carried out to monitor the customer experience provided on all communication channels and ensure they are up to the mark.
    • Consistency: All customer care channels should be consistent in their communication.
    • Interaction Records: All interaction with the customers should be in chronological order, to help customer care executives
    • Secure portal: All customers should have access to their history of interaction and the status of their requests, across channels, through a secure portal.

Aligning with an expert eCommerce support outsourcing service provider will ensure that all these aspects are researched thoroughly and the best possible customer care channels are availed to ensure delivery of quality customer service for your eCommerce customers. 

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