8 Ways to Generate Sales-Producing Leads

8 Ways to Generate Sales-Producing Leads
8 Ways to Generate Sales-Producing Leads

Businesses big or small depend upon sales for survival and growth. These do not happen automatically, but require consistent efforts towards generation of quality leads and their conversion to sales.  Lead Generation is the process of gathering information, simulation and capturing interest of potential customer in a product or service. While it is essential for every business to be familiar with the different ways to generate leads that lead to sales, an expert lead generation service provider, will certainly make the job easier by providing valuable assistance in this area.

The path to generate quality leads is not unique and is usually a combination of various methods used appropriately depending on business and inherent skills.   However, there are certain tried and tested methods that can guarantee positive effect on lead generation process. A selected few find mention below:

  1. Live Chats, Hangouts & Webinars: 

    The ability to connect with new potential customers plays a crucial role in driving sales. Recent technology platforms like Skype, Hangout and online chats provide valuable opportunity to establish two-way communication with prospective customers. The open discussions allow customers to clear their inhibition towards product and provide opportunity to gain trust and lay foundation of relationship.

  2. Social Media: 

    Any marketing campaign that does not include a dedicated & specific strategy for social media cannot be termed as complete.  Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter provide effective and efficient ways to not only dissipate information regarding your product but these also serve as new platforms for networking and mining new relationships. A positive opinion about your product or service in social media has potential to increase sales exponentially.

    Additionally, lesser used vehicles like Youtube, Blogs, and forums should also be used to increase user participation and buildup loyal online community.

  3. SEO & Google Adwords: 

    An effective sales strategy does not end at efficient ways to reach potential customer but it also includes making business accessible to any new potential client base. In current scenario, online presence and visibility has become indispensible aspect of business processes. Hence, search engine optimization (SEO) and use of Google Adwords that improves priority order of listing of your business when someone searches for particular product or service are hard to neglect.

  4. Generate Referrals: 

    A business should never hesitate to obtain contacts of potential customers from existing ones. The trust relationship between the existing & potential customer bridges the gap between you and the prospective client.

  5. Provide Useful Content: 

    An effective predecessor towards lead generation is building a stable relationship and brand value among the client base. This can be achieved easily by providing multiple reasons to visit your website or Newsletters.  A business website that provides Blogs with information related to Industry and technology attracts a large number of visitors and builds up trust value for the brand. Further, for B2B business sharing of resources like white-papers and e-books for registered emails can leapfrog prospective client base.

  6. Participate in Trade Shows, Industry Events and Conferences: 

    Participating in a trade show, an industry event or conference provides the much needed visibility to your business and an opportunity to generate a large number of leads in short span of time.  Further, speaking at an event, local business association or delivering guest lecture gives you recognition and can differentiate you from competitors providing same product or service. Additionally, an effective way is to follow up leads generated with calls, customized letters or emails.

  7. Develop Strategic Alliances: 

    Develop strategic alliances with business that are complementary, non-competitive and use the opportunity to increase accessibility of your product through cross-promotions. Further, cross-referrals can be used to increase lead-generation among members of alliance. Example: can be taken of doctors and diagnostic clinics, the alliance can act as symbiosis for both the members.

  8. Email & Newsletters: 

    Cold Calling should not be limited to telephonic pitching and alternatives like direct email should also be explored. Further, an effective method of increasing user engagement is not limiting e-mail to just product marketing; rather, it involves sending a Newsletter loaded with information relevant to prospective client. An actively engaged user is more likely to notice the information related to a product and convert into a client.

Generating tangible leads is the prerequisite for growth of sales and business. However, eventually the success of any business depends on the extent of customer satisfaction and loyalty. For this, the quality of product or service delivered and building up a correct brand image are necessary. The above methods when incorporated organically into a sales strategy can help in providing effective and efficient way of lead generation and its conversion to sales. An experienced sales and acquisition outsourcing services provider will be a great option for sharing the responsibility of lead generation.

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