Attrition Management in BPO: Making the Work Culture Exciting

Amy Pattinson
August 1, 2022
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Erratic and long working hours and repetitive tasks make BPO employees lose focus quickly and seek employment elsewhere. The challenge behind attrition management is to think of methods to make the work culture and process more interesting and exciting for the personnel. The best people to give tips and ideas are the ones who have made a successful BPO career for themselves and also have enjoyed the work culture.

Here are a few pointers to ensure that the BPO industry manages to curb attrition and help employees see the positive side of their job:

1. The simplest method to get the different teams interested in the various processes they handle would be to give them exposure to the science behind the whole project, the metrics involved in other processes related to the one they are in charge of, and so on. An insight into the depth of the function, its effect on the client’s business, and other such enriching detail help in keeping the employees stay focused and responsible instead of getting bored easily.

2. As mentioned earlier, engaging the people who enjoy working in a BPO in imparting motivating ideas to improve general work culture can be very productive. These people can contribute towards building a positive environment that can, in turn, lead to employee retention. They can volunteer for resolving issues, take initiatives for building relationships and contribute to the knowledge base. For instance, when a motivated employee volunteers clear a huge backlog of tasks, it lifts the spirit of the entire team and gives them a positive feel. Also, trying to get to the root of a problem and having a general meeting to resolve the same can also facilitate mitigating attrition as it will eliminate dissatisfaction.

3. Building professional relationships with colleagues in various departments within the office in an informal manner can help resolve issues to a great extent. Sharing of work-related problems through online or one-to-one interactions or in groups can help bring out the nature of problems and finally resolve them too. It is a known fact that what one can’t share within the formal confines of the office can surprisingly come out in an informal and interactive chat session.

4. Finding interesting and innovative ways to do the same job in order to break the monotony can be a great learning process and motivating factor for staying focused. Experimenting just a little without disturbing the functioning of the process is a good way to keep the team interested and build a rapport too. This greatly helps in the customer service department whereby the employee has to stay motivated while attending to customer calls and building good relationships too.

5. Hence, creating an atmosphere conducive to sharing of information and innovative ideas can greatly motivate employees to continue in the BPO segment as well as expect growth and productivity on the career front.

Article by
Amy Pattinson

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