Customer Service Channels: Steps to Achieve Consistency

Steps to Achieve Consistency Across Customer Service Channels
Steps to Achieve Consistency Across Customer Service Channels

The well-known adage – “First impression is the last impression” – is quite befitting for any modern-day business. The ball lies in the court of the customers, and hence, engagement with them can make or break a business’ reputation.

From purchasing a product or service to utilizing after-sales support, customers expect that they will have the same experience every time they have an interaction with a company. They also want that they do not have to introduce and explain their problem every time when they are being transferred from one communication channel to another.

So, does your business have consistency across all of its customer service channels? If not, then you need to adopt the following strategies.

Steps to Achieve Consistency Across Customer Service Channels

Your first step should be to adopt these three fundamental elements:

  1. Unified Model of Communication:

    You should have a single standard operating procedure (SOP) of interaction across all your communication channels.

  2. Single Perspective / View of Customers:

    Each of your agents should have a comprehensive view of whatever interactions that particular client has had in the past. This can be only achieved by having a robust database and software which is updated every time a customer contacts the business.

  3. Centralized Knowledge Repository:

    All the agents should have access to a unified and standardized database so that there is no discrepancy in communication.

Whether voice, electronic, or social, all the channels of communication must have these above-mentioned elements deeply integrated in their core. It is this multi-channel strategy which can transform the way in which customer engagement is handled. Once this has been taken care of, you will have to do the following.

  • Make Customer Interactions Simpler: 

    To simplify daily interactions with customers, you should have an integrated contact management solution in place which is customized as per your business’ model. By having one, your agents will be able to handle queries across multiple channels, efficiently.

  • Train the Agents: 

    Your agents must be trained well to handle different situations. Workshops must be conducted at regular intervals so that the professionals are taught how to cope with different situations. They must be allowed to give suggestions and share their experiences which could solve the problem in a better way.

    A holistic engagement between agents from different divisions would also require that the professionals have clear understanding of the role that they perform. This would also boost their competency and you would have a diverse pool of multi-skilled agents.

  • Implement the “Mobile Strategy”: 

    Mobile is also becoming an important method of customer engagement. Getting a mobile app developed which informs and helps a customer should also be integrated in your aim to achieve consistency across service channels.

  • Appoint Smartly: 

    Although it is essential to focus on all the customer interaction channels, you must dedicate more of your attention to the most sought after channel. You should appoint your most experienced personnel to a channel which receives the most number of queries.

  • Give Proper Brief to Every Agent: Consistency in a multi-channel customer service environment can only be achieved if everyone involved in the methods and processes is briefed properly. This should be done when the strategy is planned.Some of the other things that you can do to ensure consistency across all your service channels are:
      • Have a standardized view of performance of all the channels
      • Optimizing resources across all contact channels
      • Real-time alerts about any unresolved issues

Lastly, you should put in place a process that ensures that the customers do not have to shift to another channel and their problem is solved in the same one in which it is received.

Achieving consistency across customer service channels will ensure that there is no breakdown in the system or erroneous message going out to the end user which will pose problems for your business.

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