How Customer Service Support can help with Sales Leads


Customer Service Support

All major call center companies have donated significantly to generating revenue for a company. Telemarketing as well customer service call centers have helped the company in making profits. The term Up-selling is being used often in almost all technical support call centers.

Up-selling is when a call center company agent pitches for additional products when a customer calls in for a query. The primary called placed by the customer may not be for a product itself, it maybe for a technical issue. Irrespective of the reason for the call the agent pitches for a product related to the customers concern, a simple extension of the product’s warranty is considered up-selling. This concept of selling has helped various company to increase profits and it has also helped customer service call centers fund themselves.

Anytime a customer calls the company, their details are collected with their consent and the agent would inform them that they would receive product related updates via emails or phone calls. It’s with these leads that telemarketers or sales agents contact the customer to inform them about the products which have been launched and other promotional offers.

The prime source for any data or information to generate sales leads is from the front end services itself. Training agents and helping them understand how to self advertise their product, helps the company in many levels. Agents represent the company speaking for itself, this would do far better that hyping up products via commercial advertisements. Any concerns or specification details required by a customer can be cleared by the agents itself.

Certain aspects have to be kept in mind before an agent pitches in for a product.

  • Do not collect any information of the customer without their consent
  • Attend to the customer’s concern first
  • Only if a resolution is provided should an agent pitch in for a product.
  • Do not force the customer in purchasing products. If a customer says he is not interested to purchase anything, do not force him to re-consider
  • Always keep in mind a customer has called for assistance and not to purchase a product. Hence attending to the customer and providing him a resolution is any agents primary objective.

Last Updated on August 20, 2020


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