Include Social Media to Improve Call Center Efficiency

Social Media

Keeping a clean public face has become a tough job for companies around the world. The steep rise in posting of comments and grievances by consumers on social networking sites has necessitated close monitoring and placement of a 24/7 PR team to manage and address customer problems. An example can clear this up a bit further. Imagine a scenario wherein a customer is facing some problem with a new gadget that he has acquired recently. Somehow his problem gets overlooked by the call center and he pours out his frustration on the social network. The issue can get blown out of proportions if it gets noticed, acknowledged and shared by his friends and followers. This will definitely add a negative to the company’s brand image. However, if the company sets up a contact center to keep a strong vigilance and address such issues on the social media, the customer can be mollified and satisfied immediately and the brand image gets reinforced this way.

Therefore, any call center management should include making use of social media awareness and the analysis such awareness can clearly impart. It helps a lot when the team monitoring the social media front checks on the number of queries generated about a particular product or service. Such queries and activities can be channelized to and addressed by the call center customer service executives who can then be in a better position to satisfy customers. Similarly, damage-control can be carried out in the same manner in case of relevant customer complaints.

Managing demographics like emotions expressed by consumers about certain products or services on the social media or whether information of any particular product is shared more evidently can do wonders to convert potential leads and keep existing customers engaged. Therefore, any awareness created by including social media within the call center consulting domain should be properly analyzed and appropriate action should be generated based on such analytics. The type of action, however, varies largely, depending on the kind of response you get post-analysis. At times, taking no action can also be a good method of getting a matter settled with time. The process of learning through such a response could become a useful method to avoid future occurrence of such instances.

Therefore, we must agree that as the world is getting smaller and more communicable through the various social networking sites, the best means to leverage a company’s stance is by keeping tab of the social media and using the input to manage customers better with the help of managed call center services.


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