India Vs. Philippines – Secure and Value-based Call Center Services

Outsource Call Center Services

When it comes to customer service call centers outsourcing, India has been ruling the roost, raking more than 60% of the entire offshore BPO industry revenues. However, latest trends have shifted a bit towards Philippines due to the availability of American-english speaking agents and seemingly more cost-effective rates. At the same time, just providing nominal services is not enough in today’s world as consumer demands and interactions are increasing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, when it comes to secure call center services that add value to customer service, India can boast of the best contact center call center operations amongst offshore call center services providers.

Global Accent for Offshore Customer Service

Global accent is the norm of the day for organizations worldwide for successful call center operations instead of the typical American accent that companies preferred not so long ago. This means that outsourced call center India, with highly trained and focused workforce can far outshine its counterparts like those based in Philippines by providing a neutral global accent while catering to impeccable offshore customer service.

Focus on Value-based IT-related Contact Center Call Center Operations

When it comes to software and IT-related customer service, India has remained at the top and Philippines hasn’t been able to find its way into the top slot due to lack of tech-savvy agents. Technology advancement and up-to-date knowledge of the same has given every call center company in India an edge over its counterpart in the Philippines.

Professionalism Coupled with Years of Experience and Skills

BPO call centers in India have years of experience that has given them the insight to handle every situation and complication arising when dealing with varied customers, thereby offering flawless customer service. The skill set and professionalism garnered by call center agents while interacting with the customers facilitate in adding value to all offshore call center services. Indian call center agents are well educated, technologically sound and rigorously trained for handling all types of situations that help systematize call center operations. Unfortunately, high level of attrition rate in Philippines call center BPOs makes retention and the right amount of professionalism very difficult to inculcate in the agents. Indian agents, therefore, are in a better position to handle stress related to unearthly hours in call centers.

As a result, in spite of a spurt in call center services providers in the Philippines, Indian call centers beat them with regards to technical expertise, value-based services and professionalism.


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