Data Entry Services a Breather for Corporates


Data entry services these days play a major role by helping almost every company in accomplishing tasks much more faster, it also enables them for collate data in a better way with higher quality. When companies initially started data entry it took away a lot of their time which almost hindered the growth of many companies. Manually entering and converting data requires an employee to invest significant amount of time into their daily schedule. Hiring a team exclusively for data entry is a big concern as the return on investments made on such departments are literally nil and the overall expenditure on such a team is relatively very high.

So what is the solution for such situations?

Clearly ignoring data entry is absolute stupidity for any company. Data is what every business works on, every department requires data collated to see the improvements or to do their research. This where the concept of data entry out sourcing comes into picture. Data entry services can be outsourced offshore as well as within the country itself, how a company prefer to outsource depends on the nature of business the company handles. Offshore data entry services is comparatively cheaper and the competition is pretty high between data entry service providers abroad. Higher the competitions better it is for a client as he get to choose from a good number of data entry companies, every client can filter companies on the basis of their budget, turn around time and the quality of work. Onshore outsourcing is done when the nature of the data involved relates to local culture, national law adherence, collection of details from an audience within a specific area.

Outsourcing data isn’t risky? How secure is the data outsourcing companies handle?

Yes, outsourcing data entry is risky and previous headlines of enormous amounts of data being compromised has not helped improve the situation for certain companies. There are ways of making sure your data is in safe hands, these days major certifications for outsourcing companies have come up. ISO certifications help a clients judge on the technology being used and the security standards that are being used. Once such companies have been certified they have to meet ISO standards at any point of time. Failure to adhere to such rules may blacklist companies and lead to heavy penalties. So for a client who deals with confidential data its ideal for them to ensure the security level of the company they’ve outsourced work to. Checking the various certifications they’ve achieved and paying a personal visit to the company gives you a sense of how secure you data is.

Last Updated on August 20, 2020


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