Benefits of Outsourcing Document Formatting for Businesses

Benefits of Outsourcing Document Formatting for Businesses
Benefits of Outsourcing Document Formatting for Businesses

Businesses often have to deal with a wide variety of documents that could be generated in any division of the organization. For instance, a large manufacturing company will produce annual reports, financial reports, research surveys and studies, technical manuals and guides, legal contracts and agreements, product data sheets, catalogs and much more. In order to make these documents standardized as per an established template and ready for publishing or circulation, formatting of the original document is required.

The task of completing document formatting in-house can be challenging. If your business does not have an existing team for document formatting, then hiring talent specifically for this purpose, or alternatively, cross-training an executive with other qualifications and skill-sets, will work out to be expensive and time-consuming; plus there is no assurance of accurate results at the end of the exercise. If the volume and frequency of such work is significant, the amount of time that goes into getting documents into shape will also multiply, and that is a lot of man-hours taken away from your employees, who could instead be actually focusing on core goals.

How Outsourcing Document Formatting Works

A specialist BPO company that offers Word processing or document formatting servicescould be the solution to your business challenge. Through its trained professionals, who have specific skills in aligning documents as per the template, the following document formatting tasks could be easily taken up by such an organization:

    • Data extraction
    •  Data cleansing
    •  Editing
    •  Data conversion
    •  Index preparation
    •  Header and footer setting
    • Mail merging
    • Typing and transcription
    • Placing bookmarks and hyperlinks
    •  Compiling documents
    •  Text formatting
    •  Page numbering
    • Margin standardization
    • Table formatting
    •  Image placement
    •  Caption numbering and labeling
    •  Footnote styling and standardization
    •  Table of contents creation, and more

Benefits of Outsourcing Document Formatting

  1. Leverage External Talent:

    Attention, time and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Word and other file formats are required to produce a well-formatted document. A back office BPO services company that specializes in this service will have resources who know each and every tool in the file format, including shortcut keys and tricks. They will be able to bring semblance to your document in the minimal amount of time. This is then replicated across as many documents or pages that your business outsources, with no compromise in the level of accuracy.

  2. Boost Internal Productivity:

    With the laborious task of document formatting outsourced to an expert, your internal employees will have the extended bandwidth to take up brand-building, mission-critical tasks. As formatted documents are returned to the organization within the desired turnaround time, the related work associated with these files is also accelerated and streamlined.

  3. Enhance Customer Satisfaction:

    Imagine a company has a software or hardware ready for release and all that is left is publishing technical guides in various languages. Yet, because of a paucity of internal resources who can take up document formatting as per the style guide, this seemingly simple task may hold up the entire process of getting the product into the hands of the customer as fast as possible. With outsourcing of document formatting, such documents that have an impact on customer satisfaction are given their due dedicated attention.

  4. Flexibility:

    If your business spends on training resources for assigning to document formatting, to change any standard operating procedure at a later stage will require fresh investment in training and an increased possibility of errors during the transition. An outsourcing company will offer some flexibility in this aspect of the process, and the task of getting their personnel up-to-speed with the new procedure will fall on their shoulders.

  5. Scalability:

    Take the scenario of a business that requires a large number of documents to be submitted for auditing and compliance. This activity will take up substantially more time for a short crunch period, making investing in internal resources not particularly viable. Having a BPO partner at such a time for Word processing will ensure that additional resources are allocated to the project in a seamless manner, while maintaining the consistency of style and quality of the output.

  6. Cost-Effectiveness:

    If there is scale of document formatting work, outsourcing will work out to be the most cost-effective option for your business. This is as compared to investing in training and technology (licensed software and hardware), and creating office space for an internal team.

Enterprises need their documents to follow certain style guidelines for a number of reasons, that could be specific to their business (say, for a publisher) or generic (an annual report). Outsourcing Word processing or document formatting to a professional service provider is the best option for businesses to ensure this non-core but significant task is completed to their satisfaction.

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