Data-Related Tasks that eCommerce Companies Can Outsource

Data-Related Tasks that eCommerce Companies Can Outsource
Data entry outsourcing can be an integral support function for eCommerce companies

With online shopping taking the world by storm, the eCommerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds and has recorded a steady rise in the recent years. In 2013, it outdid brick-and-mortar businesses worldwide and the same trend continued in 2014. According to projections by eMarketer, worldwide eCommerce is expected to grow at 13-25%, while the worldwide retail will continue at a 5-6% growth rate through 2018. Moreover, it has won over skeptical investors, and more private equity and venture capitalists are willing to put in their money into this sunshine industry.

With this kind of development in the sphere of Internet retailing, outsourcing is coming more into demand. Successful eCommerce businesses are turning to outsourcing for more efficient management of tasks with lesser allocation of internal resources.

Data entry is one task which is considered time consuming and is often the first to be outsourced; it has now grown to be one of the largest outsourced services.  Online businesses find it beneficial to outsource data entry for a variety of reasons:

  1. Proficient Product Information Management:

    Specialized data entry clerks are dedicated to ensuring systematic storage and management of data across platforms, making it readily available for analysis.

  1. Conservation of time:

    Outsourcing to a different time zone means large volumes of work can be evenly distributed among well-trained and highly experienced data entry clerks, and completed within short turnaround time without compromising on quality.

  1. Cost Savings:

    No office spaces, no workforce – online businesses can save as much as 60% of your costs by outsourcing data entry jobs than if you had them done in-house.

  1. Greater Focus on Core Capability:

    Outsourcing non-core tasks gives internal employees the bandwidth to focus on mission-critical operations.

  1. Scalability:

    Outsourcing enables large volumes of data entry work to be completed within the timeline.  This is particularly useful during sales and the holiday season, when there might be a spike in the volume of work and additional resources might be required.

Types of Data Entry Tasks That Can Be Outsourced

  1. Product Data Entry:

    Product data entry tasks that can be outsourced include new product entry, category management, updation of SKU code, pricing, shipping dates and rates, specifications and so on. Outsourcing product data entry means faster and accurate product uploads to multiple channels using the latest software available.  In a competitive eCommerce marketplace where online shoppers are forever on the hunt for the best deal, having up-to-date and relevant product data up on the site as fast as possible will facilitate the process of conversions.

  1. Image Data Entry:

    Image data entry encompasses image conversion and image data entry or tagging. Images play an important role in convincing online shoppers about the product and its purchase. Image tagging outsourcing enables the right images to show up for different search criteria.

  1. Catalog Data Entry:

    Catalogs are a convenient way to educate your users about your product or service by putting them on display. An effective online catalog essentially allows easy categorization of products, product descriptions and photos, thus maximizing visibility of your store. Converting paper catalogs to electronic formats helps to reach a larger audience worldwide. Catalog data entry is a labor-intensive, continuous process that will be accelerated by outsourcing to an expert BPO company.

  1. Content Data Entry:

    Providing an accurate and convincing description of your product or service is essential to give your customer a clear picture of what you are offering.  Outsourcing this service can help in communicating the best features about the product to prospective customers and persuading them to go ahead and click the ‘buy’ button. By outsourcing content data entry, internet businesses can enjoy high-quality product and category page descriptions along with powerful and appealing display of images.

  1. Order Management:

    While online ordering is the preferred method of shopping for online shoppers, some customers may still choose to pick up the phone to place an order.  Orders that are taken on the phone also need to be entered into the system and digitized for effective order fulfillment, integration with ERP and CRM systems and so on. Order data entry is one more important task that can be outsourced to an efficient data entry outsourcing company.

In an age where everything, from groceries to yachts, can be bought online at the click of a button, product information management and order management play an important role in closing a sale.


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