Disaster Recovery Services – Effective Restoration of Business Processes

Disaster recovery has become significant over the years in order to ensure business continuity when business activities are severely damaged by natural or man made causes. All disaster criteria may not be severe, but they are undoubtedly disruptive to business functionality. Implementing traditional disaster recovery service in small and medium sized companies is quite a challenging job. Hence newly emerging internet technologies play a vital role in reducing the cost and complexity of implementing recovery services in both small and medium scale industries. The disaster recovery steps are designed in such a way that it should meet the objectives of business firms.

Disaster Recovery Services

The following are the few disaster recovery services which can be implemented based on the recovery time.

  1. Online Data Storage:

    This service allows automatic disk backup. The disaster recovery service providers avail secure online data storage services for effective data recovery.

  2. Immense Data Prevention:

    This service helps in improving the disk backup system by preventing any loss of data. This must be compulsorily implemented in large scale industries as loss of any data can amount to huge losses for the company.

  3. Cold Backup Sites:

    It is one of the least expensive backup site. However, the service consumes too much time to recover back after disaster and hence not used for critical business processes.

  4. Warm Backup Sites:

    This service provides the backup instruments with well equipped computer hardware similar to that of the original business sites in order to work on data restoration procedure.

  5. Hot Backup Sites

    It is the most expensive backup site. This represents the fault tolerance criteria assisting high-end facilities to continue the core business activities after disaster.

Disaster Recovery Solutions Offered by Service Providers

The disaster recovery companies provide tested and proven disaster recovery solutions.

  • Managing the recovery in well organized manner.
  • Protecting against any unusual errors.
  • Minimizing operational data losses.
  • Providing secure infrastructure in case of heavy structural loss.



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