6 Ecommerce Tools to Leverage Your Business Website

Six Ecommerce Tools to Leverage Your Business Website
Six Ecommerce Tools to Leverage Your Business Website

Setting up a new online business can be exciting and challenging. Your website is the door to your business. Hence, a good website is a crucial rung in your ladder to success. It takes a combination of the right tools to make a website attractive and user-friendly, besides simplifying the business processes for its owner. These tools help in generating smart marketing campaigns, reaching out to an increased customer base, enhancing customer support, and management of orders and inventory. eCommerce support expertscan provide the help needed to enhance the functioning of the website.   

Popular Tools 

Today, there are many options to help select the right tools to build your business website. A website that is flexible, can adapt and grow along with your venture is ideal. Here are six eCommerce tools that can help you leverage your business website: 

  1. Yotpo :

    Yotpo is a software solution that targets customer-driven content creation. It generates verified reviews and uses them to drive qualified traffic and more sales to your store. The search engine rankings of your website increase with inbuilt SEO intelligence during review generation. Once a customer purchases a product, it automatically sends a review request email to him/her. The reviews would be displayed prominently on your website. You can customize questions targeted to your customers that shall help them make the right decisions. It even enables you to respond to customer queries directly on the product page. The software offers social media integration, so users can share their reviews on Facebook or Twitter to drive traffic.

  2. Bronto: 

    Bronto is an eCommerce-marketing provider that drives sales with timely, relevant, and targeted customer lifecycle marketing campaigns aimed at converting one-time buyers into repeat customers. The software allows you to seamlessly import past-purchase information, including the customers complete order history along with the product details, for more informed and more targeted marketing campaigns across multiple channels for higher revenue.  

  3. ReferralCandy: 

    ReferralCandy is a one-stop solution for successful referral schemes and campaigns to promote your business. It aids in driving sales by offering rewards to customers for referring friends to your website. ReferralCandy offers seamless integration with your website and tracks all your referrals, manages discount codes and sends rewards automatically on your behalf. It even detects fraud.

  4. Swiftype: 

    Swiftype uses an advanced search algorithm that offers real time search analytics to understand what your customers are searching for on your site. It offers real-time indexing that tracks product additions and price changes. The software is optimized for an online store’s mobile site and offers drop-in iOS and Android SDKs for easy app development.  

  5. AddShoppers:

    Addshoppers software gives access to social analytics and social commerce apps to identify the main influencers and trending products, and improve social sharing with Smart Sharing buttons to increase traffic. It targets social media networks like Facebook and measures the customers’ responses to make better-informed decisions about marketing campaigns. On identification of your website’s biggest influencers, they are offered reward sharing with coupons to increase shares. The software also offers referral schemes and benefits to your customers.

  6. Shipwire: 

    Shipwire is smart order processing software that gives users the lowest shipping price on every order. It gives a service level guarantee, with all orders shipped the same day with 100 percent accuracy. It removes your burden by managing your logistics by storing and managing your inventory globally, thereby helping you to expand to newer markets very quickly. The software optimally packs and ships orders to your customers faster, and for less. Shipwire order fulfillment centers are located all across US, UK, Asia, Canada, and Australia allowing business to reach international and domestic customers within short time duration.   

A recent report by eMarketer states that eCommerce retail sales worldwide will touch $1.672 trillion in 2015. Another report by Forrester expects online retail sales in the US to reach $334 billion in 2015, approximately 10% of all sales in the US. 

 Hence, it can be said that the growth opportunities for eCommerce sites are immense and require a mixture of the right tools for site optimization, digital marketing, and sales promotions to create more revenue. 

Each tool mentioned above helps business owners understand their eCommerce users better and thus aids in promoting their business based on their customers’ needs. The success of an online venture can be attributed to a variety of factors, but it is important to have a website that is both user-friendly and cost effective. These eCommerce tools can expand and enhance the business, helping to automate and streamline cumbersome basic tasks and processes, hence allowing the business owners to focus on other aspects such as expansion. Hiring an expert IT outsourcing service provider would help businesses in better integrating eCommerce functionalities in their websites. 

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