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The Ultimate list of PHP Resources, Tutorials, Tips and More

The Ultimate list of PHP Resources, Tutorials, Tips and More

The Ultimate list of PHP Resources, Tutorials, Tips and More

For web based applications, PHP is the preferred programming device. PHP has been in use for few years now and over the years has matured as a language. A server side scripting language, PHP is normally used for building logic into web pages. This design single mindedness has resulted in PHP language being both streamlined and flexible for web usage. PHP is cross platform and runs on Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac OSX. Apart from being cross platform, PHP has various in-built functions that connect to popular databases including Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connections. As PHP is based on C, programmers of Java and JavaScript can easily pick it up. PHP has built-in functions to handle cryptography, XML parsing and regular expressions. Different libraries can be used for compiling which makes it easier for users to manipulate graphics. Creation of custom classes is supported by PHP and it also permits other classes to inherit from custom classes. Building applications with PHP does not require too many codes and the applications are extremely secure and safe to use.

Here is a list of tutorials, tips, tools that can help programmers build exemplary PHP Applications:

PHP Resources:

  1. Top 10 PHP Tips for Developers – Click Here
  2. 40+ Useful PHP tips for beginners – Click Here
  3. 5 Handy PHP Tips You Need to Know – Click Here
  4. 20 Tips you need to learn to become a better PHP Programmer – Click Here
  5. Top 10 PHP Tips Every Developer Should Know – Click Here
  6. 15 Tips to Optimize Your PHP Script for Better Performance for Developers– Click Here
  7. Best 10 PHP Development Tools in 2016 for Developer – Click Here
  8. Top 10 PHP Debugging Tools For Web Developers – Click Here
  9. 10 Productive PHP Tools for Testing and Debugging – Click Here
  10. Debugging PHP with Eclipse PDT – Click Here
  11. How to Become a Good PHP Developer: 24 Fantastic Tips – Click Here
  12. Tips and Tricks for PHP on Google App Engine – Click Here
  13. Linux: 25 PHP Security Best Practices For System Admins – Click Here
  14. Top 5 Performance Metrics to Capture in Enterprise PHP Applications – Click Here
  15. Top 10 PHP Security Tips – Click Here
  16. PHP Security: Common Vulnerabilities and Tips to Avoid Attacks – Click Here
  17. Top 3 PHP Performance Tips for Continuous Delivery – Click Here
  18. Top 7 PHP Web Development Tips from Experts – Click Here
  19. 20+ PHP Best Practices That You Must Follow – Click Here
  20. Top 11 Best Practices for PHP Development – Click Here
  21. PHP Security Best Practices – Click Here
  22. PHP Editor Code Sense – Best Practices – Click Here

PHP Tutorials:

  1. Basics of PHP– Click Here
  2. Beginners PHP – Click Here
  3. Creating your PHP program FROM SCRATCH: Basic Authentication, Membership and CRUD functionalities – Click Here
  4. Interactive PHP Tutorial – Click Here
  5. Learning PHP for WordPress Development: A Comprehensive Guide – Click Here
  6. Advanced PHP Tutorials – Click Here
  7. Creating a Database Driven Application With NetBeans IDE PHP Editor – Click Here
  8. Web Programming with PHP – Click Here
  9. Mobile App Development with Zend Studio – Click Here
  10. Creating a website using PHP Includes – Click Here

PHP Cheat Sheet:

  1. PHP Cheat Sheet – Click Here
  2. PHP Unit Cheat Sheet – Click Here
  3. PHP Cheat Sheet with special PHP syntax – Click Here
  4. PHP Security Checklist – Click Here
  5. PHP PCRE Cheat Sheet – Click Here

Video Resources:

  1. Introduction To PHP – A Complete PHP Tutorial for Absolute Beginners – Play
  2. Learn PHP in 15 minutes – Play
  3. Build a Basic PHP Website with Treehouse – Play
  4. Dreamweaver Form using PHP – Play
  5. PHP to mobile app in 10 minutes – Play
  6. Build a Shopping Cart with PHP – Play
  7. Creating first app with Cake PHP in WAMP – Play
  8. PHP: Debugging with Eclipse using xDebug- Play 

Hope these resources will be helpful and make you a better PHP programmer. Please feel free to mention in the comments section below if we have missed out on any important link.

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