Logistics Support Services a Breather for 3PL

Logistics Support Services a Breather for 3PL

Third party logistics (3PL) help the supply chain through with their expertise. For all the logistics and shipping companies, 3PL provide their services to help in reducing the cost and ensuring that every process is streamlined. Logistics is very complex with regards to the numerous processes that need careful attention. Every 3PL company has to be constantly updated with information from various sectors to make critical decisions. The major functions of 3PL companies are Freight forwarding, Trucking and Warehousing.

With the rising demand for outsourcing logistics, a 3PL company handles not just one client but a long list of clients as almost every company is into logistics these days. This is where there is logistics support services come into the picture. Logistics BPO companies provide secondary services to 3PL companies. This helps 3PL companies to streamline their services and meet their objectives irrespective of the number of clients they have.

Logistics support management provides services like

  • Bill of Lading Processing: This used for recording and scheduling shipments as well input to carrier EDI transactions. This process ensures that the company that processes the shipment, the shipment carrier and Consignee are all getting the relevant information they need on time.
  • Ocean Bill of Lading Services: This specific service scans and sends a shipper generated bill of lading. This whole process of retrieving, scanning and sending the bill is referred to as an ocean fright bill entry.
  • Air Waybill of Lading Services: For shipments that take place via air transport there is a specific form which is supposed to be filled this is done mostly by writing it down in paper or else taking a print of the same. This form is then processed and handled accordingly by logistics support companies.

These are a few among the list of services a 3PL company is capable of. Like mentioned above, logistics is a process that involves other major sub processes which are involved. It’s not an easy task for a company to single-handedly perform everything with regards to logistics. This is where the world is blessed with 3PL providers.


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