Medical Billing Charge Entry Services

The process of allocating a suitable monetary value to the patient account based on the specified medical codes and fee schedule is known as charge entry. The costs recorded for the medical services provided determine the reimbursements for the healthcare provider's services. Charge Entry must be performed without mistakes, since inaccuracies might result in claim denials. Reduce revenue leakage and save millions of dollars by doing a thorough evaluation of medical services supplied.

Charge Entry has a unique and important role to play in assigning appropriate charges with suitable medical codes and applicable fee schedule.

Revenue payments for the rendered services is determined by charge entry as it’s the crucial point.

It is essential that utmost attention is given to this step to ensure that the charges from the coded documents are entered correctly and only a clean claim is submitted to the payer.

Invensis Technologies is a leading Medical Billing Charge Entry Services company, and provides Charge Entry Services that can be counted on for consistency and accuracy. We are an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company and have achieved HIPAA compliance.

We guarantee that the coding and charge entry teams work together effectively to ensure that the charges collected are accurate, that all procedures are invoiced for, and that the codes assigned are compliant.

Outsourced Charge Entry Services in Medical Billing Process by Invensis

  • Printing of all Received Superbills and Initial Information Audit
  • Charge Entry from Coded Documents into Existing Patient Account (including billing information, denial related details etc.)
  • Creation of New Patient Account
  • Demographic Detail Entry
  • Quality Check and Audit
  • Submission of Scrubbed and Clean Medical Claim to Insurance Payer
  • Outsource Charge Entry to Invensis to Accelerate Claim Reimbursements and Medical Billing Efficiency

Charge Entry Process in Medical Billing

1. Receive EOBs

Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and cheques are received from the healthcare provider in a scanned format via secure FTP servers.

2. Download & Allocate Files

Download relevant files from secured websites, checked & reviewed and allocated to the payment posting team.

3. Enter Patient Demographics

All patient demographic details are entered such as - patient account number, amount billed, amount paid, amount adjusted and paid including denials, if any.

4. EOB Follow-up

While making partial payments, necessary investigations and analysis is initiated to take proper steps.

5. Claim Denial Analysis

Our team of experts analyzes all the submitted claims thoroughly and errors are corrected and resubmitted.

6. Feedback from Clients

Client feedback is used to evaluate the data quality and refine the errors.

Charge Entry Process - Image

We include all the Factors that Cover Charge Entry:

  • Date of the service provided
  • Billing and Rendering providers
  • Admission Date
  • Place of service
  • Physician Reference
  • Pre-authorization
  • CPT coding and units performed
  • Diagnosis Codes
  • Modifiers

How Does Charge Entry Services by Invensis Help Healthcare Providers Practice?

1. Achieve Constant Revenue Flow:

Services rendered by the healthcare professionals are transcripted into codes and each service is separately charged accurately to obtain proper reimbursement.

Revenue Cycle Management companies take the responsibility of charge entry process which is considered as important for feasible and seamless flow of revenue.

2. Prevent Claim Denials and Rejections:

Usually claim denials and rejections are caused due to errors in the patient demographic details or pre-authorization.

When errors occur, they are processed for next level to recorrect with accurate details and resubmit those claims within the deadline.

In order to avoid or prevent claim denials or rejections, revenue cycle management can be more attentive during the charge entry process that eliminates the possibility of getting denied or rejected.

3. Reduce time consumption:

Normal data entry consumes a lot of time and effort for identifying errors.

At times, it’s evident that it takes days or weeks to find out the mistakes in the claims.

It will for sure have an impact on the revenue cycle management process. Charge entry can change the situation.

Systematic charge entry process in revenue cycle management companies will help consume less time for investigating and identifying errors in the claims.

The Invensis Advantage

Invensis is an ISO 9001 certified company and follows best practices of quality management in all outsourced projects, including charge entry. Our qualified and experienced professionals are adept at executing charge entry in the medical billing process and are capable of working seamlessly on whichever billing software your medical practice employs. We will strictly follow the guidelines given by your team to ensure that the medical billing charge entry deliverables exactly meet your specifications. You can also be assured of stringent quality checks being implemented and the results being delivered within the timeline, which is an advantage of our 24x7 operations.

A perfect denial management means zero-errors in the charge entry process. A well-structured charge entry process in revenue cycle management companies can witness a phenomenal growth of revenue as well as business.

What makes Invensis the Best Charge Entry Services Company?

Invensis has achieved HIPAA compliance and is ISO 27001 certified. We ensure that stringent data security measures are in place for Protected Health Information, and all other confidential information related to your healthcare business.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, we follow the highest quality management standards and global best practices to ensure that the outputs generated for your business are accurate and within the specified deadline.

Our experienced professionals ensure that all processes are completed within the desired time so as to ensure that your revenue cycle remains productive and efficient.

We are able to undertake and execute any project as per your requirements. Invensis scales up the assigned resources as per your needs and specifications, thus enabling you to remain agile and competitive.

We have served healthcare practices in the USA and other countries with RCM outsourcing services since the year 2000.

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