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Invensis Technologies is a WiseTech Global Affiliate. We offer WiseTech Global customers an exclusive 20% discount on all Invensis Technologies services.

Invensis provides a comprehensive range of services aimed at optimizing business processes for a wide range of industry verticals and ensuring positive outcomes for your organization. Our services span:

IT Services

Whether it is Software application development, migration, maintenance or testing, we offer customized IT services for all your IT requirements.

Finance & Accounting BPO

Invensis F&A BPO Services enables businesses to efficiently manage their finance function leading to enhanced fiscal strength.

Back Office BPO

Invensis Back Office BPO Services streamlines your back office administrative processes thus improving operational efficiency.

eCommerce Support

Invensis eCommerce support service strengthens your eCommerce capabilities so as to broaden your customer base.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services enable you to reach out more to customers, and boost your leads-to-conversion efforts.

Corporate Training

Our Corporate Training & Development Services helps you to enhance the competencies of your staff through development of their skill-sets.

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