About Invensis

Our growth story is one of perseverance and dedication. Starting small, we continuously pushed boundaries, focused on our goals, and leveraged our strengths to overcome challenges. As a result, over two decades, we have achieved significant milestones, expanded our reach, and diversified our offerings to become a 5000+workforce company. The below info graphic traces our growth journey from 2000 till today.

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In the late 90s, when companies looked to partner beyond boundaries, trust deficit ruled large. It was all about leaving things to chance and hoping for the best. Two men were determined to bridge this disconnect and build trust and reliance of an exemplary kind. Invensis was the result of this determination.

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About Invensis


Our tryst with outsourcing started in 2000 with just six employees on board. A major global apparel brand looking to shore up its customer support needs dialed us up. Our hard work paid off, and the brand soon saw its flag flying high in the apparel world. It was no looking back thereafter. Our offerings kept diversifying, and headcounts kept growing. In 2005, we established ourselves as a global service provider with over 150 employees.


In 2007, we forayed into Canadian Custom Brokerage services. It was a success story of the fairy tale kind. The Ivey Business School, Ontario, took note of this extraordinary feat and dedicated a case study to highlight our achievement.

About Invensis
About Invensis


The year 2008 was yet another landmark year. We expanded our services - Order Management, Healthcare BPO, Finance & Accounting, and Ecommerce – and were looking forward to replicating our success across these domains. In 4 years, we made a mark in each of these domains. As a result, our business grew manifold, and our employee strength swelled to over 1500. Harvard Business Review noted our steady rise and featured us in their publication in Feb 2008. 


In 2012, we added a couple of more feathers - the ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 certification and a new delivery center in Rajamahendrawaram. Then came 2014 – a milestone year in the true sense of the term. Invensis ventured into Training and Certification and launched 28+ globally recognized certification courses. It was in this year that we were rated as one of the top 10 emerging India BPOS by Silicon India.

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About Invensis


The year 2017 came as a year of crowning glory. On 14th June, Gartner, the world's number one research and consulting services provider, recognized Invensis as a Global Vendor for Freight Payment Solutions.

2018 - 2022

In 2018, we became a 2500+ employee, and in 2020, we transitioned from a BPO to BPT (Business Process Transformation) leader. Also, in 2020, we became an SAP partner. The other big feat that year was to shift to a new state-of-the-art facility to enhance productivity and customer service. 2022 turned out to be an important year for us on two counts – we became a GDPR-compliant company and bagged two prestigious projects from two major state governments in South India. Today, we are driven by a 5000-strong workforce working round-the-clock around the globe.

About Invensis


To Build and Sustain Business Relationships with Competence, Integrity, and Dependability


Delivering Results with a Winning Team; Making a Difference with Value Add



Be responsible and accountable for all our actions.


Walk the talk and go the extra mile for your sake.


Strengthen relationships by being open and honest.


Stand apart by being consistent with quality levels.

Awards and Recognition

Invensis has been recognized as one of the leading service providers by several experts. We have made it to their list on account of our experience in supporting the end-to-end needs of global businesses and ability to bring about process improvements with up-to-date technology and methodologies.

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