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Insurance Claims Processing Services To Implement A Streamlined and Effective Claims Management. Our insurance claims processing services are designed to help you manage claims efficiently and cover the entire spectrum of claims processing.


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Why it's best to outsource Insurance Claims Processing? 

The insurance industry faces the stiff challenge of improving and enhancing its business efficiency in the face of competition, market uncertainties, increased stringency in regulations, and other factors. Achieving optimum business efficiency through outsourcing key non-core processes is increasingly the way out. Insurance claim processing companies play a major role for insurance providers. Claim processing companies can help to streamline complex business processes, and improve profitability and visibility, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Invensis Technologies is among the leading claim processing companies which provide high-quality insurance claims processing services that allow multiple claims to be handled quickly and efficiently in minimal time. We have more than 20 years of experience in delivering value-added customized claims processing outsourcing services that cover different kinds of insurance claims, including medical and health insurance.

Delivering Value through Insurance Claims Processing


Risk Reduced on the Claims and Policy Processing


Front office processes are automated and improved for accuracy


Quality checks of files at different stages of the claims process

Unlock more opportunities through faster Insurance Claims Processing!


The Invensis Advantage

Niche Experts
Invensis has a team of experienced and certified insurance professionals familiar with the latest industry trends and regulations. We use the latest technology and tools to deliver accurate and compliant insurance claims processing services.
Scalable & Faster
Invensis offers custom insurance claims processing services and management concerning the volume and processing rate. We can scale up and down and enable you to focus on the practice with versatility. A faster turnaround time ensures you can get reimbursed before 15 days.
Faster Claims Processing
Invensis' insurance claims processing services are designed to help your business manage claims quickly and efficiently. As one of the most trusted claim processing companies, we prioritize quick resolutions and settlements to help you save precious time.
Customer Satisfaction
Our claims processing outsourcing services are designed to help you improve customer satisfaction by providing a streamlined and effective claims management process. In addition, we offer 24/7 support and quick resolutions to ensure your customers are always happy.
Data Entry and Validation
We offer accurate, and compliant insurance claims data entry and validation services. With the help of our data entry team in India, our insurance claims processing services will help you achieve over 40% cost savings and make claims processing outsourcing affordable.
Documents Management
We offer complete document control and management services for all your insurance claims processing services documents. We can help you organize and store the entire document trail for easy retrieval and analysis. The necessary data is immediately accessible from one central location.

Why Choose Invensis? 

Invensis Technologies is an experienced Medical insurance claims services provider. We facilitate health insurance payers in streamlining the data processing aspect of the diverse insurance claim forms received from healthcare providers. We are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified and implement the highest data protection standards.


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What Our Customers Say

I was really impressed with the insurance claims processing services offered by Invensis investigations. They were able to quickly identify the fraud and get us the evidence we needed to prove our case.

Freddie Torres
Leading Logistics Insurance Company in US

Invensis has helped us streamline our claims processing and settlement operations, saving us both time and money. I would highly recommend their insurance claims processing services to any organization looking to improve their bottom line.

Ralph Roberts
Leading Motor Insurance Company in US

I was skeptical about hiring claim processing companies, but working with Invensis has been a great experience. They have helped us save a lot of money by identifying fraudulent claims and negotiating favorable settlements on our behalf!

Happy Carter
Leading Insurance Company in France

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