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Do you face challenges in claiming insurance on time? Do you need help staying up-to-date with the constant changes to insurance regulations? Our Insurance Claims Services help resolve these issues and assist in processing claims to streamline the business.

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Claims Processing Services

Outsource Insurance Claims Services to the Expert

For over 22 years, Invensis has offered deeply vetted claims processing services for various businesses worldwide. We are driven by an expert team comprising claims adjusters, examiners, coordinators, and customer service reps with deep knowledge of insurance regulations and compliance requirements. Our experts specialize in healthcare insurance, life insurance, property & casualty insurance, liability insurance, etc.

Our core expertise lies in developing customized claims processes to handle key aspects like claims reporting, investigation, evaluation, settlement, and closure. These processes are driven by tools and technologies (AI, RPA, OCR, claims management software, etc.), making it possible to handle high claims volumes with more consistency. We have a successful track record of combining technology, people, and processes to reduce errors, & cut back on turnaround time. This has helped us become an expert in insurance claims processing services.

Our Comprehensive Insurance Claims Outsourcing Services

Claims Data Entry
Claims Data Entry
Receiving claims
Scanning or digitizing claims
Capturing data
Verifying accuracy
Entering data
Maintaining records
Insurance Processing
Insurance Processing
Claim submission
Claim verification
Claim assessment
Payment processing

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Customer service process management
Customer requirement Identification
Requirement assessment
Customer Assistance
Monitor and Follow-Up
Document & Record

Our End-to-End Insurance Claims Processing Process

Our insurance claims processing service banks on a well-defined and streamlined approach. It consists of the following steps:

  • 1

    Claims Data Entry

    Once we receive a claims request we enter all data pertaining to the claims into the system.

  • 2

    Quality Check

    The entered data is checked for accuracy before submitting it to the claims processing section.

  • 3

    Claims Verification

    The submitted claims are verified with guidelines to ensure it meets payor mentioned claims criteria.

  • 4

    Payment Processing

    If the claims meet payor guidelines, we give clearance to the finance team to process the claims.

  • 5

    Updates & Customer Service

    During the claims processing stage, we keep claimants updated on the status of their claims and even take calls to answer queries.

The Invensis Advantage for
Claim Processing Services

Quality Assurance
20+ Checkpoints for Claims Processing
Our claims processing claims services consist of 20+ checkpoints that involve intricate workflows that every claim submitted will go through before it’s approved.
Expert Insurance Claims professionals
We hire and offer expert claims processing professionals with specialized knowledge and experience in handling insurance claims for more than a decade.
Streamline submission-to-issue process
Our simplified and streamlined claims processing services helps in increasing revenue per policy holder, reducing average cost per claim, decreasing average time to settle a claim, etc.
Policy Servicing
Our expert team of insurance claims professionals handle policy renewals, process premium payments, answer policyholder inquiries, and make policy changes as requested by the policyholder.
Risk management
Outsourcing the claims process to us helps reduce the claims fraud, complex insurance claims procedures, etc., thereby improving your claims processing efficiency levels.
Quality Assurance
Our services have well defined SLAs, we conduct regular audits, and implement quality control to decrease claims error rate and ensure that claims are processed efficiently and on-time.
Step by step process for Insurance claims services Step by step process for Insurance claims services

Invensis - The Most Trusted  Claims Processing Outsourcing  Company

We are one of the most trusted companies helping our global clients with insurance claims management services for over two decades. Our expertise helps your business with claims data entry, insurance processing, customer service process management, etc. We are fully licensed and accredited by all relevant regulatory bodies. This means that we have met the highest standards in the industry and are fully compliant with all laws and regulations governing insurance services. Our global clientele spans the North American and European continents and banks on our expertise in delivering dedicated and cost-effective services.


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What Our Customers Say

Invensis helped us resolve complex data management challenges. Their innovative technology solutions and expert team streamlined our processes, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency. We appreciate their commitment to excellence.

James Carter
Risk Manager, US-based Insurance Company.

Invensis’ underwriting support services have been a game-changer. They helped us overcome inaccurate data entry that led to incorrect decision-making. Their consistency with accuracy is highly commendable.

Emily Clark
CFO, German-based Automobile Insurance Agency

Invensis proved to be a lifeline in our Reinsurance Consulting endeavors. We confronted multiple challenges, much of which emanated from outdated workflows. Their digitized processes helped us optimize policy issuance and claims handling. This helped us win over our customers with more ease.

Matthew Turner
VP of Reinsurance Operations, Canada-based Health Insurance Firm

I was really impressed with the insurance claims processing services offered by Invensis investigations. They were able to quickly identify the fraud and get us the evidence we needed to prove our case.

Freddie Torres
Leading Logistics Insurance Company in US

Invensis has helped us streamline our claims processing and settlement operations, saving us both time and money. I would highly recommend their insurance claims processing services to any organization looking to improve their bottom line.

Ralph Roberts
Leading Motor Insurance Company in US

I was skeptical about hiring claim processing companies, but working with Invensis has been a great experience. They have helped us save a lot of money by identifying fraudulent claims and negotiating favorable settlements on our behalf!

Happy Carter
Leading Insurance Company in France
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