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Is inefficient back-office tasks undermining your competitive advantage? Our retail BPO services handle end-to-end non-core tasks for greater business efficiency. From order processing to customer support, we specialize in meeting all your unique back-end needs.


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Retail Outsourcing Services to The Expert

At Invensis we collaborate with our clients in the retail industry worldwide and enhance their business processes starting from sourcing to returns management. We follow all the industry-leading standards and implement all the strategic, economic and high-quality back-office support services to achieve this. Our retail outsourcing services drive retail companies to function their business effectively, attain better efficiency, minimize turnaround time and attain higher customer satisfaction by offering up to the mark services. 

We have a team of experienced professionals who help you establish a streamlined business process and manage large volumes of back-end activities such as automating daily tasks with technology, optimizing inventory management and fulfillment process, implementing omnichannel retail strategy and others. Our experts utilize data analysis of your retail business to identify trends and patterns to help you inform strategy and decision-making. They also forecast future outcomes based on various historical data to inform budgeting and resource allocation. We are also experienced in BPO services for retail industry and standardizing business processes to ensure your customers receive the same level of service and experience irrespective of the location they visit.

Our Comprehensive BPO Services for Retail Industry

IT Outsourcing

Our experts create different digital solutions for your business so that you can minimize various financial costs and increase efficiency by doing online sales and stay competitive.

Ecommerce Support

We help improve your customer service through live chat, email and other channels and receive more loyal customers and better conversion rates.

Digital Marketing

Our BPO services for retail industry help you reach your target audience, personalize their communication, access customer engagement through digital channels such as websites, search engines, social media and others.

Logistic Support

We help you with services like warehouse receiving, order fulfillment, inventory management, shipment in order to meet your customer expectations and ensure fast and affordable delivery.

Retail Call Center Outsourcing

We help meet both your inbound and outbound call center needs, answer your customers immediately and courteously, so that you can make your business stand out from the rest, increase profits and build loyal patrons.

 Account Executive Services
Retail Finance and Accounting

We guarantee you a full suite of services in retail finance and accounting functions such as account payable, account receivable, etc. along with a strong focus on driving maximum value.

The Invensis Advantage for Retail BPO Outsourcing Services

Extend your reach
We help you with all the technologies and customer relationship management tools to take your business to the next level which includes assisting you to expand out to global platforms.
Inventory management and optimization
Our experts support you in maintaining an optimal balance between inventory holding costs and stock-out costs by considering key factors such as lead time, demand forecast accuracy, safety stock and others.
Efficient order management and fulfillment
We ensure that all the orders are managed and fulfilled accurately and in a timely manner by deploying key processes such as order capturing, inventory management, payment processing, order processing, shipping and returns and exchanges.
Effective returns and complaint handling
Our BPO services for retail industry help you effectively manage your customer complaints and return in a timely and professional manner to increase customer trust, satisfaction, loyalty and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
Continuous improvement and innovation
We help you stay competitive, improve business efficiency and better serve your customers through incremental improvements to products and processes to meet their needs and stay ahead of the competition.

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Why Choose Invensis?

Retail BPO support services from us are results-driven that authorize your business growth. We are focused on engaging customers towards the business through effective marketing strategies. We stand with your business through effective support on the call center services, back office, finance and accounting, IT services, and Logistics services. Extend your business to the global market comfortably by outsourcing Retail BPO services to Invensis Technologies.


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What Our Customers Say

As a small business real estate agency, we couldn't have navigated the complex world of mortgages and loans without Invensis' exceptional mortgage services. Their expertise and efficiency have streamlined our operations and accelerated our success.

Emily Jensen
Leading Mortgage Lending Firm in Canada.

We faced serious challenges in mortgage processing, but Invensis' mortgage processing outsourcing services came to our rescue. Their expertise in document verification and underwriting support streamlined our operations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Highly recommended!

Alex Stratton
Leading Real-Estate Agency in the UK.

Invensis has been instrumental in streamlining our mortgage and loan processing operations. Their support services, including document management and loan verification, are exceptional, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the process. We highly recommend Invensis for their expertise and commitment.

Noah Harrison
Leading Credit Unions in the US.
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