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Are you struggling to manage your back-office tasks efficiently? Improve productivity with our end-to-end back-office services. From data entry to administrative support, we provide tailored solutions to guarantee business success.


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At Invensis, we have over two decades of experience delivering excellence by improving workflows to streamline diverse back-office tasks. These tasks include data entry, management, mining, cleansing, processing, billing and invoicing, document indexing, and more. 

Our team of over 5000 agile professionals excels in performing a range of simplest to complex administrative, customer support, and industry-specific back office tasks. All our agents are trained on Six Sigma methodology and are delegated projects only after ensuring they properly understand your needs and goals.  

Our support services are driven by tools such as CRM and BPM workflow systems and advanced automation and AI tools to minimize manual tasks. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017 compliant and bank on robust network and information systems. We combine all these aspects of our service with meeting capacity, speed, and quality goals. This makes us an expert back office outsourcing service provider.

Our Comprehensive Back Office Services

 Catalog Management
Catalog Management
Catalog Building and Indexing
Catalog Conversion Services
eCommerce Catalog Processing Services
Catalog Updating Services
 Data Mining
Data Mining
Document Indexing Services
Web Data Mining
Web Scraping
Data Collection
Data Research
Data Extraction
Social Media Data Mining
SQL Data Mining
Image Data Mining
Excel Data Mining
Word Data Mining
PDF Data Mining
Web Data Extraction
Data Mining from Online Marketplace
Data Entry
Data Entry
Online Data Entry Services
Offline Data Entry Services
Logistics Data Entry
Image Data Entry Services
 Data Management
Data Management
Data Entry Services
Outsource Data Mining Services
Forms Processing Services
Transaction Processing services
Data Cleansing
Data Cleansing
Data Cleanup
Data Scrubbing
Data Verification
Data Removal
Data Merging
Database Management
Data Enhancement
Data Processing
Data Processing
Data Enrichment Services
Transaction Processing Services
Forms Processing Services
Word Processing Services
Transaction Processing & Management
Transaction Processing & Management
Order Processing Services
Insurance Claims Processing Services
Credit / Debit card applications processing
Account openings / amendments and audit checks
Invoice Data Entry
Invoice Data Entry
Credit and Debit Memos
Data Capture, Indexing / Extraction, Validation and Archiving
Data Input into Microsoft Excel or Word
Data Input into CMS Database Applications
Data Conversion
Data Conversion
PDF Conversion Services
OCR Services
Document Conversion Services
Media Format
Data Processing
Application Processing
Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
Visa application
Passport application
Driver's license application
Social security card application
Citizenship application
Permanent residency application
Bank account opening
Credit card application
Insurance application
Employment Application
Housing application
Educational program application
Grant application
Loan application
Benefit application
License application
Data Extraction Services
OCR Cleanup Services
Data Capture Services
Accounting Data Entry
Accounting Data Entry
Auditing Data Entry
Bookkeeping Data Entry
Daily General Ledger Entry
Financial Data Entry
Manual Journal Entry
Financial Status Reports Generation
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Data Entry
Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statements
 Billing & Invoicing
Billing & Invoicing
Scanned Invoices / Purchase Orders
Structured and Unstructured Documents
Email Attachments
Credit and Debit Memos

Our End-to-End Back Office BPO Process

Our back office BPO process is driven by a well-designed workflow to streamline your operations with comprehensive solutions. 

  • 1

    Discover Client Needs

    We identify the client’s business requirements, objectives, and business processes to assess the scope of outsourcing.

  • 2

    Service Agreement

    Next, we finalize the terms of BPO engagement which includes service level agreements, contract terms, and pricing.

  • 3

    Transition Planning

    Our experts develop a detailed plan for transitioning the processes from in-house operation to our team.

  • 4

    Knowledge Transfer

    We create a team and train them on domain knowledge, process documentation, etc.

  • 5

    Process Execution

    The team executes the outsourced processes as per the SLAs and quality standards.

  • 6

    Performance Monitoring

    We continuously measure and monitor the performance of the processes to ensure compliance with SLAs.

  • 7


    Our team provides regular reports and updates to the client regarding the performance and progress of the outsourced process.

  • 8

    Client Feedback

    We also collect feedback from the client to comprehend their changing needs if any and make necessary improvements.

The Invensis Advantage for Back Office Services

Access to Expertise
We hire professionals with a wide range of skills and expertise and provide you with the best match to meet all your specific needs.
Increased Productivity
Our back-office process outsourcing services will increase your business productivity by automating tasks, reducing the need for manual labor, and allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks.
Improving the
Bottom Line
Our back-office services will help your business improve the bottom line by automating the processes, utilizing real-time data, advanced analytics, and integrating with modern systems.
Improved Risk Management
We use our experience to mitigate the risks associated with back-office support solutions like regulatory compliances, data cleansing, data security, and resource optimization.
Advanced Technology
We continually invest in technology, upgrade our infrastructure to match industry standards, and provide you with access to modern-day tools to meet your process optimization needs.
Higher Scalability
Outsourcing back office BPO services to us will help you achieve business scalability and optimize your process per changing needs.

Invensis - The Most Trusted Back Office Outsourcing Company

As an experienced back-office BPO services company, we have a proven track record of success and a reputation for delivering high-quality service to our clients. Since 2000,  we have been delivering services to industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, eCommerce, information technology, telecommunications, finance, insurance, and supply chain, to name a few. All our clients are spread across the US, Canada, and the UK. We customize our business models to suit your needs and drive them with the help of mutually identified and value-driven metrics. By banking on our services, our clients can manage business operations in an efficient and seamless manner.


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What Our Customers Say

We were struggling with product data entry for our e-commerce business until we leveraged back office BPO services from Invensis. From data entry to catalog management, Invensis is taking care of all the back-end operations to keep our site running optimally with great results.

Hope Campbell
Leading eCommerce Company in Canada

As an insurance provider, we deal with a lot of claims. Having 24x7 support from back office outsourcing services like Invensis helped us process all those claims and reduce a lot of burden on our staff. It has also made the review process much more efficient, faster, and error-free.

Farrah Baker
Leading Insurance Company in US

Partnering with Invensis has been central to our success. With their data management outsourcing services, we have all the business insights we need for our business to function smoothly at the fraction of the cost of setting up an in-house data center.

Heather Green
Leading Logistics and Supply Chain Company in UK
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A Global Hotel Chain Leveraged Our Services to Increase Back-office Productivity by 70%

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