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Are you struggling to leverage your business data for improved decision-making? Bank on our data analytics services to understand data better. From data collection to data analysis, we provide comprehensive solutions to deliver the right insight.


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At Invensis, we have provided expert analytics services to businesses worldwide for over 24 years. We rely on our team of data scientists, analytics experts, and consultants with experience in developing solutions for multiple industries (finance, healthcare, marketing, telecommunications, transportation, etc.) to design end-to-end data analytics solutions.

Our edge lies in identifying the right data sources, applying them to the right algorithms, and generating accurate and actionable insights. We offer various customized analytics services (AI, Big Data management, IoT, BI, etc.) leveraging the latest tools (Python, Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, etc.) and technologies.

We specialize in delivering customized analytics models. The models are driven by well-defined KPIs and metrics, well-aligned with clients' business objectives. In addition, every model is validated, tested, deployed, and monitored to ensure high levels of efficiency. Because of this structured approach, we are rated as an expert analytics services provider.

Our Comprehensive Data Analytics Services

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
Predictive Analytics
A.I. Development Services for Applications
Deep Learning
Artificial Intelligence Consulting
Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Solutions
Cognitive Process Automation
Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Automated Visual Inspection
Conversational A.I.
Anomaly Detection
Artificial Neural Networks
Automatic Document Classification and Indexing
Big Data Management
Data Quality Management
Data Governance
Data Integration
Master and Metadata Management
Data Migration
Internet of Things (IoT)
End-to-end Interfacing Protocol
Event Handling Solution
Cloud Storage and Data Management
Scenario Testing in IoT
Advanced Real-time Analytics Solution
Data Security and Integrity Solution
Business Intelligence
Analytics & Data Mining
Business Performance Solutions
Big Data Analytics
Compliance Management
Comprehensive B.I. Consulting
Data Mining and Visual Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Survey Analytics
Financial Analytics
Collection Analytics
Retail Analytics
Text Analytics
Business Intelligence Dashboard Creation
Risk Analytics
Contact Center Analytics
BPM Analytics
Supply Chain Analytics
Statistical Analytics
Machine Building Services
HMI Factory Design and Programming Services
Business Process Automation Services
Digital Automation Services
Migration and Upgrade Services
Infrastructural Safety Services
Cybersecurity Services
Optimizing and Support Services
Industrial Automation Training Solutions

Our End-to-End Data Analytics Process

Our data analytics service is driven by a well-defined process with proper sequential steps. These steps include:

  • 1

    Understand Project

    Our experts try to understand the business objectives and goals and build project plans.

  • 2

    Clean Data

    Based on the plan, we identify all the data sources and collect and clean the data to make it consistent.

  • 3

    Perform Exploratory Analytics

    After the data is standardized, we perform exploratory data analysis to gain initial insights.

  • 4

    Deploy Analytics Technique

    Based on the initial insights, we choose the right data analysis technique to extract patterns and trends.

  • 5

    Interpret Patterns

    Finally, we Interpret the results and present them with visualization techniques to make them more comprehensible.

Curated Data Analytics Services for Industries: 

The Invensis Advantage for Data Analytics Services

Access to Specialized Tools
We use the latest tools like Tableau, RapidMiner, Looker, SAS Forecasting, Cassandra, Python, Jupyter Notebook, Power B.I., and Apache Spark to analyze your data accurately.
Competitive advantage
Our services use proven methods, advanced analytics, and years of expertise to drive your business toward growth and gain a competitive advantage.
Customer personalization
By predictive analytics, we help your business to offer personalized experience by identifying the customer requirements and demand. 
Improved decision-making
We assist our clients by delivering insightful reports, visualizations in graphs and charts, and predictions to make accurate decisions at the right time.
Faster to market
With advanced technology like Automation, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc., paired with streamlined operations through data analytics we help us reach the market faster.
Data protection and compliance
We guide data governance best practices and help our clients' businesses meet regulatory requirements related to data privacy and security which helps in mitigating risks.

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There are several potential benefits to outsourcing data analytics services your organization, including

1. Cost savings

Outsourcing can be more cost-effective than hiring in-house data analysts, especially if you only need occasional or project-based support.

2. Access to specialized expertise

Data analytics outsourcing companies often have a team of experts with various skills and experience. This can be particularly beneficial if you need specialized expertise that is not available in-house.

3. Improved efficiency

By outsourcing data analytics, you can free up your internal resources to focus on core business activities, potentially improving efficiency and productivity.

4. Flexibility

Outsourcing allows you to scale up or down your data analytics support as needed, providing greater flexibility than hiring in-house staff.

5. Risk management

Outsourcing data analytics can help mitigate data handling and security risks, as reputable data analytics consulting companies will have robust data protection measures.

1. Increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning:

These technologies are being integrated into data analytics tools, allowing for more sophisticated and automated analysis.

2. Rise of the Internet of Things (IoT):

The proliferation of connected devices generates vast amounts of data for various analytics applications. Data analytics services companies are highly investing in IoT Technologies to improve day-to-day operations.

3. Greater focus on real-time analytics:

There is a growing demand for data analytics that can provide insights in real-time, allowing businesses to respond quickly to changing conditions.

4. Growing use of data storytelling:

Visualization and presentation tools are becoming more sophisticated, allowing businesses to communicate data-driven insights more effectively and engagingly.

5. The increasing importance of data governance:

As data becomes more valuable and prevalent, there is a need for robust policies and procedures for managing and protecting it.

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Invensis - The Most Trusted Data Analytics Company

As an experienced analytics company, we understand the value that data-driven insights can bring to your business. We have been delivering data analytics consulting services to our global clients since 2000. Our services are delivered to retail stores, finance & accounting, eCommerce, manufacturing, supply chain, real estate, healthcare, and insurance. By leveraging our data analytics services, you can gain a deeper understanding of your business operations and make informed decisions that drive growth and success. We help you identify improvement areas, optimize marketing campaigns, and increase efficiency. Additionally, we provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to tailor the products and services to meet the needs of your audience better. Banking on our services, our clients get access to advanced tools, technology, and a team of qualified professionals who can help their businesses make the most of the available data.


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What Our Customers Say

Invensis has been a great business analytics solutions BPO partner. They have helped us navigate the data services and analytics landscape. They have a team of experts who are not only knowledgeable but also flexible and responsive to our needs at every step.

Oscar Flores
Leading Energy and Utilities Company in US

We struggled with making sense of the large data sets that our organization generates daily. The Invensis big data analytics services team intervened at a successful time and helped us set up a data analytics solutions process that has been very helpful.

Theo Hill
Leading Chemical and Manufacturing Company in US

We are delighted to work with a leading business analytics services BPO company that has provided us with data transformation capabilities. The reports and dashboards are proving to be beneficial in making informed decisions.

Jacob Torretto
Leading Oil and Gas Company in US
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