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Are non-core tasks taking your attention away from core insurance business activities? Our end-to-end Insurance BPO Services streamlines workflows for improved efficiency. From claims processing to policy administration, we take care of all your back-office needs.


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We are an established Insurance outsourcing service provider, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to help insurance companies meet the challenges and opportunities in today's marketplace. For over 24 years, we have delivered cost-effective high-quality insurance BPO services with our insurance industry knowledge, experience, and strong technical capabilities. As a partner to many of the industry's leading insurance companies, we have extensive experience and expertise in insurance policy creation and management, claims processing, claims administration, customer service and support, insurance renewals, generating loss run reports, and data analysis.

We understand the importance of data security, and our commitment to data protection is unwavering. Our secure systems, strong data security measures, and strict access controls protect sensitive customer and company information. We assist our clients in gaining the ability to meet tight deadlines, advanced technology solutions, a good reputation in the industry, accommodate growth, and continuous improvement.

Our Comprehensive Insurance BPO Services

Reinsurance Consulting

Our risk reinsurance service is driven by experienced insurance analysts with complete knowledge of reinsurance contracts and regulations. They will ably support you in developing innovative products across reinsurance niches and even assist you in meeting your evolving customer needs.

Claims Processing

Our services involve gathering information, determining coverage, and delivering benefits to policyholders, utilizing technology and experienced claims professionals for evaluating and settling policyholder claims efficiently and fairly.

Data Management

Our services efficiently handle the collection, organization, and analysis of policyholder data, ensuring data accuracy, accessibility, and compliance with regulatory requirements to streamline easier data management.

Policy Administration

Our services on policy administration provide automated solutions for managing policy data, underwriting, billing, and claims, which improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance the customer experience.

Customer Service

Our services offer support and assistance to your policyholders, delivering personalized solutions and resolving inquiries efficiently on time through phone, email, chat, and self-service options.


We assess risk and determine coverage and premium for the insurance policies of your customers. It helps your organization make informed decisions and ensure profitability while providing fair and accurate coverage.

Risk Assessment

We provide analysis and evaluation of potential risks, helping you make informed decisions, allocate resources, manage potential losses, and help determine appropriate coverage and pricing of the policies.

Billing and Collection

Our services automate and streamline billing and payment processes, reducing errors, increasing accuracy, and improving customer experience. It includes policy premium calculation, invoicing, and payment processing.

 Account Executive Services
Finance and Accounting

We offer comprehensive finance and accounting services for insurance BPO. Our team provides accurate bookkeeping, budgeting, and financial reporting, freeing up valuable time and resources for your business to focus on growth and success.

The Invensis Advantage for Insurance BPO Services

Operating Efficiencies
Our Insurance outsourcing services streamline your business processes, increase data accuracy, and free up internal resources, resulting in improved operating efficiencies of business processes and reduced costs.
Access to Technology
We provide access to the latest technology and systems, enabling insurance companies to automate manual processes and make data-driven decisions, improving efficiency and customer experience.
Efficiently Manage Risks
We assist you in risk management through effective data analysis, smooth claims processing, regulatory compliance, reduction of potential losses, and financial stability for insurance companies.
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Our insurance BPO services will ensure your customers have good customer service and support, reduced response times, and increased accuracy, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and improved retention rates.
Enhanced Data Security
Our services ensure enhanced customer data security by using secure systems, strict data access controls, and regular security audits, protecting sensitive customer and company information.
Comprehensive Reporting
We provide comprehensive reports that allow you to track performance, identify the bottlenecks, look for the areas of improvement, and make effective and measured data-driven decisions for optimal results.

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Invensis - The Most Trusted Insurance BPO Services Company

As a specialized insurance outsourcing company, we understand insurance companies' unique challenges and opportunities. For over 24 years, we have offered our services to insurance companies, healthcare organizations, automobile industries, corporates, etc. Our insurance BPO services help insurance businesses streamline processes, improve operating efficiencies, and reduce costs while focusing on enhanced customer satisfaction and risk management. We are a team of experts providing high-quality service, compliance, and regulatory support. In addition, we are committed to implementing process standardization, automation, reporting, and analytics to increase the efficiency of your organization. Our clients come from US, UK, and Canada.


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What Our Customers Say

Invensis helped us resolve complex data management challenges. Their innovative technology solutions and expert team streamlined our processes, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency. We appreciate their commitment to excellence.

James Carter
Risk Manager, US-based Insurance Company.

Invensis’ underwriting support services have been a game-changer. They helped us overcome inaccurate data entry that led to incorrect decision-making. Their consistency with accuracy is highly commendable.

Emily Clark
CFO, German-based Automobile Insurance Agency

Invensis proved to be a lifeline in our Reinsurance Consulting endeavors. We confronted multiple challenges, much of which emanated from outdated workflows. Their digitized processes helped us optimize policy issuance and claims handling. This helped us win over our customers with more ease.

Matthew Turner
VP of Reinsurance Operations, Canada-based Health Insurance Firm
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A US-based Healthcare Partnered with Invensis to Reduce Payment Delays by 95%

Discover how a leading US healthcare provider achieved a 95% reduction in payment delays through strategic collaboration with Invensis.

A US-based Healthcare Partnered with Invensis to Reduce Payment Delays by 95%
Invensis Assisted A UK-Based Medical Practice Eliminate Insurance Process Redundancies & Reduce Verification Time by 30%

Learn how Invensis helped a UK medical practice eliminate process redundancies and reduce insurance verification time by 30% for greater efficiency.

Invensis Assisted a UK-Based Medical Practice Eliminate Insurance Process Redundancies & Reduce Verification Time by 30%

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