Invensis provides BPO services which deliver an all-encompassing solution for businesses in a vast array of industries. We have developed a thorough understanding of the challenges that businesses within these industries face and provide solutions to allow our clients to overcome these challenges and achieve differentiation in their market.

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Why outsourcing is the best option for Industries?

Businesses are continually searching for ways to reduce costs. And grow profitably and sustainably even in uncertain times. Getting exceptionally trained F&A professionals is difficult. And hiring them on payroll is even more cost-intensive. Businesses must move beyond cost reduction to differentiate from the competition. Outsourcing your Finance and Accounting transforms your accounting processes and makes them more dynamic.

Invensis has been a leader in F&A outsourcing services with 20+ years of experience. With advanced technology and top talent, we help you reduce low-value tasks and improve financial forecasting. Which helps you focus more on your core business. Reimagine the role of finance functions with us and grow your business!

BPO Services curated for Industries: 

Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics is the key element for effective supply chain management. Efficient logistics services ensure goods are delivered promptly, and customers remain happy.

Customs Brokerage

Invensis' effective and comprehensive customs brokerage services support speedy clearance of cargo customs, boosting supply chain efficiency for businesses.

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Invensis, a HIPAA-compliant Healthcare BPO Company, provides solutions to help remove the complexity of these tedious tasks.


Invensis Technologies is an expert IT-BPO service provider that can provide you with the means to transform your business operations and ensure growth in tough times.

Chemical and Manufacturing
Chemical and Manufacturing

Organizations need to develop a competitive advantage with their service to remain competitive within the viciously challenging chemical and manufacturing industries.

Real Estate

It is very important for organizations operating within the industry to maintain a high level of productivity with cost-efficient solutions for a sector that's vulnerable to market fluctuations.


With advancements in technology and changing shoppers' purchasing behavior, retailers and eCommerce companies need all available time to focus on mission-critical tasks.


Outsourcing BPO Services to Invensis enables telecom companies to ensure that certain key processes are delivering efficiencies and allows them to concentrate on building their core capability.

Media and Entertainment

Invensis Technologies, a leading IT-BPO service provider, will enable your organization to gain process efficiencies through outsourcing critical operations.


While experiencing fast-tracked growth, the automotive industry must keep pace with changing economic environments, evolving customer expectations, and emerging technologies.


Invensis Technologies, a leading IT-BPO service company, provides BPO support services for educational institutions and other businesses in the learning and development sector.

Energy and Utilities

Invensis Technologies, a specialist IT-BPO service provider, will enable your energy or utility company to gain a competitive advantage through outsourcing.

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Why Choose Invensis?

Invensis is a finance and accounting outsourcing company and an industry leader that consistently helps you manage your finances. Invensis works with some of the world's largest brands and helps them manage end-to-end accounting and bookkeeping services, provides complete support for auditing, manages tax compliances, helps you plan and analyze overall finances, and consult on financial and accounting decisions.


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ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
ISO  27001:2013 Certified Company

What Our Customers Say

We struggled to meet our business goals due to the legacy IT framework. Invensis IT outsourcing services helped us modernize our core and also helped us develop custom software for crucial processes to improve productivity and overall revenue for the company.

Kuno Davis
Leading Software Company in US

Before engaging with Invensis, our nursing personnel struggled with patient data access and communication. Invensis introduced an integrated healthcare platform to eliminate data silos and enhance patient care coordination. This solution improved information sharing and streamlined our healthcare operation.

Richard Thompson
Head of Nursing, Leading Australian Healthcare Service

We turned to Invensis for our manufacturing business's call center needs because we faced customer communication challenges. Their expert team seamlessly handled inquiries, order processing, and technical support, ensuring customer satisfaction. Invensis transformed our customer service, enhancing efficiency and trust.

Henry Parker
Director of Operations, London-based Electronics Manufacturing Company
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Latest Accounting Trends in 2023 | Future in Accounting

Trends and techniques in accounting are always changing, especially as new technologies emerge. SAGE has found that 90% of accountants think accounting is going through a cultural shift that favors technology.

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