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Are you struggling with your real estate business's cost and process alignment? Do you need a strategic advisor to help you navigate all the business process-related roadblocks? Real estate outsourcing to us helps you  manage your administrative tasks seamlessly.


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Invensis is a 24 years old global company that sets itself apart by providing top-notch real estate service solutions and allowing them to meet its demand by adding maximum value to its business. We foster long-term relationships with our clients by creating three pillars: trust, reliability, and accountability. Deploying our dedicated real estate service experts, we follow a process-driven and proven approach to understand your detailed requirements and present unbiased solutions. We are one of the leading real estate outsourcing services throughout the USA, UK, Canada, and Middle East. We provide services in the field of REO listing, finance and accounting, and customer support services. 

Our Comprehensive Real Estate BPO Service

REO Listing

Our team of experts works dedicatedly to maintain an updated list of REO properties so that you put them up in the market on-time and get them sold at attractive prices to avoid losses.

Real Estate Finance and Accounting

We help you monitor and handle expenditures, losses, and profits precisely using cloud-based software and integrated tools so that you can stay organized for taxation and compliances and pave the path for accurate reports and records.

Real Estate Customer Support

Our real estate outsourcing services help you improve your day-to-day activities effectively by employing professionals who have multilingual skills and a customer service mindset to adapt themselves to multi-taking and resolve issues quickly.

Real Estate Data Creation

We create a comprehensive and powerful dataset for you so that you can get insights on accessibility and opportunity and strengthen your decision-making skills to bring competitive advantages to your real estate business.

Real Estate Data Entry

Our real estate bpo services experts take care of your data entry requirements such as property deeds, real estate taxations, legal documents, sales records, contracts and agreements, and others so that you and your clients can access them without any hassle.

Document Management

We are highly proficient in creating, updating, and managing data using the latest tools and software. So, you can access the same in real-time using any supported devices and make better decisions.

Broker Management

We help you administer real-estate brokerage activities like recruiting and training agents, handling listing and sales transactions, managing relationships with clients and other partners and ensuring everything runs smoothly and effectively.

Commission Management

Our experts help you establish commission structures and agreements, track sales to calculate commissions accordingly and resolve commission related disputes so that everybody gets compensated for their effort.

The Invensis Advantage for Outsourcing Real Estate Services 

Updated information
Our professionals leverage the latest tools to keep you on track with the development across the real-estate domain so that you can only receive the latest and technically-rich information.
Tailored solutions
The service we promise to you is completely flexible, so you can customize the same at any time based on your requirement and integrate it with your business to realize immense success and improved customer satisfaction.
Access to expertise
Our professionals carry solid experience in working independently and possess exceptional interpersonal skills, sales and negotiation skills, good leadership qualities, and an ability to liaison with clients, which you can leverage for your business growth.
Outperform your competitors
We help you position your business ahead of your competitors by standardizing your business process, maximizing your business efficiency, and improving business profitability. 
Round the clock support
The professionals in your support team are active listeners, patiently heed your concerns around the clock, provide practical and economical solutions to your queries, and help you complete your work proficiently.

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Invensis- The Most Trusted Real Estate Outsourcing Services Company

At Invensis, we look forward to building long-term relationships with our clients through our quality-driven real estate outsourcing solutions. We utilize cutting-edge technology, efficient methodologies, and a highly-skilled workforce to generate end-to-end solutions. Our team, enriched with in-depth and wide-ranging skills, empower you to enhance your real estate business bottom line, operational efficiency, and a scalable environment. In addition, we are pioneers in providing corporate real estate outsourcing services such as property listing and sales, market analysis, rental management, transaction management, property valuation and others.


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What Our Customers Say

Our real estate business struggled with commission management challenges until we partnered with Invensis. Their commission management services streamlined our processes, resolving disputes and ensuring timely payments. This made our accounts payable process more efficient. Highly recommended!

William Reynolds
Director of Operations, Canada-based real estate business.

Invensis' broker management services have been a game-changer for our real estate business. They helped us administer key brokerage activities with exceptional precision. From recruiting and training agents to handling listings and sales transactions, their solution ensures everything runs smoothly and effectively.

James Sullivan
CEO, Italy-based Realty

Our experience with Invensis' REO listing services has been truly exceptional. In the competitive real estate landscape, we faced challenges efficiently managing a vast inventory of distressed properties. Invensis stepped in with their expert team, innovative technology, and streamlined processes, ensuring quick and profitable sales.

Thomas Mitchell
Real Estate Manager, New York-based Real Estate Agency
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