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Is your factoring business besieged with challenges? Overcome them with our optimized factoring back office support services. From meticulous documentation to credit risk mitigation, we provide tailored solutions to enhance the speed and efficiency of your factoring business.


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We are a specialized invoice factoring with over 24 years of experience in assisting factoring companies in making the right decisions in financing their clients. We undertake invoice factoring for staffing, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, professional services, wholesale, distribution, logistics, and fabrication.

We entrust your requirements to knowledgeable staff with a deep understanding of industry trends, best practices, and potential pitfalls. This ensures complete accuracy in doc validation, verification, auditing and payment posting and enables you to take informed decisions and stay competitive.

Our well-defined workflows can be customized to client-specific needs. We run them on secure and reliable platforms to ensure smooth and secure processing of information. Furthermore, we closely monitor our team's performance and provide regular feedback on improving it. Additionally, we train them regularly to update them on current regulations. All these together help us ensure we provide quality services to our clients with unmatched consistency.

Our Comprehensive Factoring Support Services

 Invoice Audit/Validation
Invoice Audit/
Data Entry Verification
Duplicate Payment Identification
Compliance Verification
Reporting and Analysis
 Load Verification (Voice)
Load Verification/Pre-Purchase Verification
Discrepancy Resolution
Data Collection and Reporting
Invoice Verification with Debtor ( Voice & Non-voice)
 Fuel Advance Processing
Fuel Advance
Verification of Pickup
Document Verification
On Call Services 24x7
 Fuel Advance Processing
Collection Follow-up
Payment Reminders
Account Reconciliation
Credit Reporting
Handling Escalations & Discrepancies
Onboarding / Underwriting
Credit Checks
Background Checks
Industry Research
Customer Onboarding/Training
Post Purchase Verification
Post Purchase Verification
Check with Debtor
Confirm Reception of Docs
Handling Escalations
Re-sending Paperwork
 Sales Support Services
Sales Support Services
Appointment Setting
 Account Executive Services
Account Executive Services
Handling Customer Service
Handling escalation
Inbound Call
F&A Services
F&A Services
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivables
Vendor Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation
Cash Postings
Final Accounting
Financial Statements
Bookkeeping Services
Bookkeeping Services
Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
Preparation of Final Accounts
Cash Flow/Budget
Preparing Closing Entries

The Invensis Advantage for Factoring Support Services

Expert Team
Our expert team of factoring agents brings years of industry experience and deep knowledge of best practices in factoring service. We bank on them to provide high-quality factoring support services.
Custom Workflows
We tailor workflows that fit your unique needs and drive growth. This unlocks efficiency in invoice processing, enhances cash flow management, and ensures seamless operations of your factoring service.
Reduced Risk
We bank on a meticulous process to validate and audit factoring documents such as rate confirmation, bill of lading, etc., to eliminate errors that can lead to costly mistakes.
Improved Scalability
Our comprehensive factoring back office support services are highly scalable and are designed to assist you meet the fluctuating demands of growth without losing out on time.
Enhanced Customer Relationships
We lend your business the efficiency and agility it needs to increase customer satisfaction (clients, debtors, and brokers), and meet the need of customer satisfaction and retention.
Enhanced Competitive Edge
Our invoice factoring back office support service will help you handle larger volumes of invoices at any given point of time which can assist you grow your business with greater ease.

Invensis - The Most Trusted Invoice Factoring Support Service Provider

As an established player within the factoring support space since 2000, we have been delivering comprehensive invoice factoring back office support services to factors based in the US. Wie have a proven track record in accelerating cash flow for factors of all sizes. Our dedicated team ensures seamless invoice processing, minimizing payment delays and optimizing working capital. We offer personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs, from flexible financing options to expert credit risk assessment. Our clientele includes factoring companies specializing in supporting trucking, logistics, freight forwarders, pawn, equipment manufactures, and more. Enhance financial stability and drive growth with our reliable, confidential, and efficient factoring services.


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What Our Customers Say

Working with Invensis has allowed us to reduce overhead costs and increase our efficiency. Their expertise in factoring support services is second to none. Outsourcing this to Invensis has been one of the best decisions we've made for our business.

James Frank
CEO, Factoring Firm, UK

Invensis' factoring support services have been an essential part of our decision-making, helping us to stay competitive and profitable in a challenging market. Today, our factoring operations are running smoothly, and our customers are happier than ever.

Vincent Paul
CEO, Third Largest Factoring Company, Canada

Our partnership with Invensis has been a game-changer for our business. Prior to partnering with them, we were struggling to keep up with the high volume of invoices and collections. Their factoring support services have enabled us to bring this under full control.

John Smith
COO, Leading Factoring Company, US

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