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Is managing non-core tasks a barrier to delivering quality healthcare services? Our end-to-end healthcare BPO services has a solution for all your non-core needs. From medical billing to claims submission, we take care of all your support needs.

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BPO Services for Healthcare Industry

Outsource Healthcare BPO Services to the Expert

With 22 years of experience providing world-class BPO services, we are proud to be the leading healthcare business outsourcing company of quality solutions for the healthcare industry. We understand the unique needs of healthcare organizations and provide healthcare BPO services such as medical billing and coding, claims management, patient data management, revenue cycle management, and customer service. Our experienced professionals use the latest technology and best practices to deliver outstanding client results.

Our healthcare BPO services are designed to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve patient care. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable healthcare back office professionals who have skills in strong data management, customer service, and the ability to handle sensitive patient information. We work closely with our clients to ensure they receive the customer service and support they need to achieve their goals. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients and are dedicated to helping them succeed.

Our Comprehensive Healthcare BPO services

Medical Coding

Our medical coding services offer specialized support to healthcare providers by accurately coding medical records, optimizing reimbursement, and reducing coding errors using trained and certified professionals.

Medical Billing

We offer healthcare providers a cost-effective and efficient solution for their financial needs by accurately submitting claims, tracking payments, and handling insurance follow-ups to ensure timely reimbursement.

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Medical Billing Charge Entry

Our services provide efficient and accurate data entry for healthcare providers, streamlining billing processes and improving revenue cycle management, resulting in increased revenue and reduced errors.

Medical Records Indexing

We offer efficient and accurate categorization and organization of patient data for healthcare providers to streamline data management processes, ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of patient information, and improve retrieval times.

Medical Data Entry

We provide efficient and accurate data entry for various requirements from healthcare organizations, which helps reduce errors, improve overall efficiency, ensure data accuracy and generate accurate reports.

Payment Posting

Our services involve accurately recording and updating financial transactions in a client's payment system, including inputting payment data from various sources, reconciling payments with corresponding invoices, and ensuring correct reflection of payments.

Medical Claims Processing

We review and verify the accuracy of medical claims, submit claims to insurance payers, follow up on claims status, negotiate payment, and appeal denied or underpaid claims to receive prompt payment from insurance companies.

Medical Accounts Receivable

We help healthcare providers manage and collect payments for their medical services by tracking and monitoring outstanding patient balances, following up with insurance companies and patients on overdue payments, and ensuring that the provider's accounts receivable is up-to-date and accurate.

The Invensis Advantage for Healthcare BPO Services

Reduce Billing Errors
We help reduce billing errors by utilizing experienced and skilled professionals to handle billing tasks, implementing advanced technology systems, and following established protocols.
Smoothen Accounts Receivable
Our healthcare BPO services help improve accounts receivable by streamlining medical billing, coding, and claims processing, reducing errors, and improving accuracy, which leads to faster payment cycles, increased collections, and improved financial stability.
Utilize Advanced Tools
We use advanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, Medical billing software, Medical coding software, Claims management systems, Data analytics, and reporting tools to improve efficiency and productivity.
Increased Customer Support
Our healthcare BPO services increase customer support by providing dedicated customer service teams to handle patient inquiries, appointment scheduling, and other administrative tasks, resulting in improved response times and increased patient satisfaction.
Regular Follow-up on Denials
We regularly follow up on denials by monitoring and tracking denied claims and working with healthcare providers to resolve them promptly. This helps reduce denied claims, improve cash flow, and maintain a high level of accuracy in medical billing and coding processes.

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Invensis - The Most Trusted Healthcare BPO Services Company

We are specialized in offering healthcare BPO  services for the healthcare industry. Our services help healthcare companies to improve their operational efficiency by outsourcing non-medical tasks, such as administrative and support services, to our team of experts. We have delivered these services to hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, long-term care facilities, home healthcare services, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare businesses from US, UK, and Canada. This allows healthcare providers to focus on their core competencies and deliver high-quality patient care. Our services include medical billing and coding, customer service, and claims processing, all performed by our highly skilled and experienced team. In addition, with a commitment to quality and compliance, we work closely with our healthcare clients to ensure their standards and regulations are met.


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What Our Customers Say

We were struggling with product data entry for our e-commerce business until we leveraged back office BPO services from Invensis. From data entry to catalog management, Invensis is taking care of all the back-end operations to keep our site running optimally with great results.

Hope Campbell
Leading eCommerce Company in Canada

We were in search of a partner to transform our documentaries into captivating narratives through transcription. Invensis stepped in and solved our transcription challenges effortlessly. Their expertise in audio and video transcription enhanced our storytelling process and saved valuable post-production time. We recommend Invensis, for their media transcription services.

Pedro Souza
Production Manager, US-Based Music Company

Invensis digital marketing outsourcing services helped us increase our website traffic by 200% in just two months! We're delighted with their services and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their online presence.

Harper Lee
Leading Real Estate Company in US
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