Revenue Cycle Management Services

Do you receive medical billing reimbursements for treatments provided in full? Do you need assistance getting reimbursed because of coding, billing, and compliance issues? Our revenue cycle management services will assist you in overcoming challenges like these. 

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Revenue Cycle Management Services
ISO: 9001:2015 Certified CompanyISO: 27001 Certified CompanyHIPAA Compliant

Outsource Revenue Cycle Management Services to the Expert

As a specialized revenue cycle management company, we improve your revenue cycle process with the help of efficient workflows, advanced technology, and best practices to get paid for healthcare services you have provided. We deeply understand issues that lead to inaccurate billing and coding and tap into them to weed out bottlenecks in your process. We have assisted our clients in every process, from capturing patient information to the final billing and payment.

In addition, our knowledge of regulatory requirements has assisted our clients in staying compliant with guidelines even in the face of changing requirements. We improve your revenue cycle by focusing on your patients, payment consolidation, payment collections, alternative payment options, and back-end system improvements. Our clients have banked on our end-to-end RCM expertise to keep their revenue inflow steady and continuous.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Process

Revenue Cycle Management Process

The Invensis Advantage for Revenue Cycle Management Services

Eliminate Billing & Coding Errors
Billing and Coding errors lead to delays in payments or revenue loss. Therefore, we streamline medical coding and ensure no upcoding or down coding. Similarly, we automate the billing process to identify and eliminate errors.
Fully HIPAA Compliant
Adhering to security standards increases the confidentiality of data. Our services are fully HIPPA compliant, and we follow every HIPPA requirement in all our RCM processes. Our clients bank completely on us to stay compliant and updated with HIPAA requirements.
Get On-time Payments
On-time payments can keep your practice finance in the pink of health. We assist you in receiving timely payments, evaluating claims for correctness, and submitting claims on time. Regular follow-ups follow this till you get paid.
Manage Denials Effectively
Claims denial drains your revenues and affects profits. We have a well-designed claims denial management process to ensure every denial is scrutinized to understand the reasons, appeal against it if there are grounds for an appeal, and mitigate future denials.
Streamline Accounts Receivables
Managing accounts receivable manually is a time taking process and prone to errors. However, with our global standard practices, holistic approach, customer-friendly follow ups and tech-driven process, we collect outstanding without impacting DOS.
Guaranteed Cash Flow
Cash flow acceleration is possible through continuously monitoring payments and other transactions. We assist cash flow by focusing on precise coding and billing, timely payments, error-free transactions, and regular follow-ups.

Invensis - The Most Trusted Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing Company

As an outsourced revenue cycle management company, we have over 22 years of experience delivering healthcare revenue cycle management services to US-based practices. We have assisted our clients with best practices, such as focusing on patients, investing in technology, collecting patients' financial responsibility upfront, implementing charge capture accurately, and filing claims on time. Over the years, we have seamlessly integrated people, processes, and technology to deal with changing legislation and industry needs. As a result, our clients have banked on our services to eliminate waste, promote efficiency and get end-to-end value-based support.


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ISO: 9001:2015 Certified Company
ISO: 27001 Certified Company
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What Our Customers Say

We have been working with Invensis for the past two years, and they have helped us overcome many revenue cycle management challenges. The team often walks the extra mile to ensure that our needs are met.

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Christina Sussex
Leading Healthcare Provider in France

Invensis has been our revenue cycle management healthcare outsourcing partner for the past 5 years. They have always delivered on their commitments, whether it is meeting our Service Level Agreement (SLA) or improving our billing process.

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Christopher Middleton
Leading Healthcare Company in US

Invensis has been a great partner providing quality medical coding and billing services. The team is extremely responsive to every query we pose, and the turn-around time for deliverables is always as committed.

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Chris Lauren
Leading Healthcare Company in US

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