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Keep your workforce agile with our regularly updated corporate training services in management, technology, and development. Whether it is Project Management, IT Security and Governance, or Quality Management, we provide your staff with the Best Certification Courses for BPO in easily digestible formats.


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Why it's best to outsource Corporate Training? 

A dynamic business landscape with opportunities and challenges calls for constantly upgrading employees' skill sets and knowledge bases. With information about best practices for their domains based on globally-accepted bodies of knowledge, employees are empowered to make educated business decisions, perform their responsibilities with clarity of purpose, and confidently lead operations.

Through our division, Invensis Learning, we offer managed training services with a host of enterprise workforce learning, training, and development programs for your employees. In addition, we offer globally-recognized corporate training certifications in categories such as Project Management, ITSM, Agile, IT Security and Governance, Quality Management, Cloud Courses, DevOps, and Digital Awareness. With more than 50,000 professionals trained across the globe, we are now a trusted partner for many Fortune 500 companies that have used our unique training methodology to empower their workforce.

Delivering Value through Corporate Training Services


Increase in qualified leads for a Global Fintech Business


Costs saved on Pay-per-click advertising campaigns


Increase in traffic in just 1 month via Organic Marketing Techniques

Focus more on core business by outsourcing Corporate Training


The Invensis Advantage

Get Ahead of Trends
A changing industry with growing customer demands and new technologies requires you to continually train your employees with the help of learning BPO services to ensure you are always one step ahead of your competitors.
Increased motivation
Managed training services such as Invensis are responsible for productive and continuous training sessions for your employees that help them upskill and keep them motivated, leading to higher productivity and better results.
Less Supervision
Corporate learning services encourage your employees to regularly reduce the need for supervision as they better understand what’s expected of them, thus improving the efficiency of the entire organization and instilling responsibility.
Accessible Employee Onboarding
We offer technology-based corporate training services responsible for upskilling new employees onboard. Invensis' comprehensive training sessions help them understand the working of your organization, leading to faster onboarding and integration with the company culture.
Stay Compliant
With the help of PMI technical training services, it’s crucial to train the employees on the latest industry standards and project management practices to remain compliant.

Why Choose Invensis? 

We keep your workforce relevant and agile by providing them with corporate training certifications in relevant subjects. In addition, our technology-driven corporate training services help you confidently navigate the changing industry scape. The inherent brilliance of our team shines through in all that we do. Invensis' unbeatable corporate training services make us one of the world's top-managed learning service providers!


Happy Learners




Training Satisfaction

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What Our Customers Say

Invensis has helped us create a learning hub for our employees by providing the best corporate training certifications for our BPO and to help them upskill on a continuous basis. This not only improves employee experience but also helps our customers get more value by partnering with us.

Liam Harris
Leading Media and Entertainment Company in UK

Invensis is one of the best-managed training services providers in the IT Services industry. We regularly hold IT management, corporate training services, and governance training sessions organized by Invensis to ensure our team is compliant and future-ready.

Grace Burton
Leading Education Company in US

Invensis is one of the leading corporate training service providers and has been instrumental in helping us upgrade our workforce and keep it relevant with the help of corporate technology training service in the changing times.

Chloe Tyler
Leading Insurance Company in US

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