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Create an indisputable online presence for your eCommerce store with the help of powerful managed eCommerce services by Invensis. We drive your online business to the next level by increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.


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Why its best to outsource eCommerce Support?

Over the years, Invensis has successfully provided eCommerce support solutions for numerous online retail businesses worldwide. Our managed eCommerce services range from Customer Service, Order Processing and Fulfillment, and Product Information Management to eCommerce Product Cataloguing. 
Global eCommerce sales are driven by strong consumer demand.

Despite this, many eCommerce businesses find it challenging to manage increased product data volumes, ensure the accuracy of their commerce product data, deliver superior customer service and execute reverse logistics, including aftermarket customer service and order fulfillment, during peak times. This is where an experienced eCommerce outsourcing company like Invensis can help.

ECommerce Support Services We Offer:

Delivering Value through eCommerce Support Services


Increase in traffic in just 1 month via Organic Marketing Techniques


Costs saved on Pay-per-click advertising campaigns


Increase in qualified leads for businesses

Generate more revenue through our eCommerce Support Services


The Invensis Advantage

Increased Process Efficiency
eCommerce outsourcing services allow you to improve the efficiency of your operations without increasing your overhead costs. At Invensis, we work like your growth partners, giving you access to the services of skilled engineers and other resources who carry out the necessary tasks for your business on time to keep it running smoothly.
Rich Customer Experience
With heavy competition in the market, it’s important to ensure the best customer experience to build loyalty. Managed eCommerce services can help you improve your customer experience by leveraging the latest technologies and building an efficient contact center without spending extra time or money on hiring and training resources.
Focus On Core Capabilities
Managed eCommerce services save you the time, resources, and money spent in building an in-house team for managing administrative work such as handling orders or accounting. You can focus on your core competencies while a professional team takes care of your non-core or back-office functions.
Reduce Costs
While setting up an online business might seem easy, you’ll struggle with admin tasks like cataloging, training, customer services, finance, and accounting as you grow. Offloading these requirements to a third party specializing in such services is generally more cost-effective than building an in-house team. You can significantly reduce costs by leveraging eCommerce outsourcing services from Invensis.
Custom Strategy & Services
With 20+ years of experience and expertise in delivering global eCommerce outsourcing services, we ensure that our value-added consultations in business growth and process management provide the right answers to your overall business challenge. Invensis provides end-to-end customized managed eCommerce services across major domains and industry verticals, ensuring on-time fulfillment of tasks.
Scalable Business Planning
We ensure business continuity with comprehensive industry knowledge, technology, resources, skilled personnel, and processes. Being one of the top eCommerce outsourcing companies, Invensis has deep-seated capabilities to scale services by changing requirements, ensuring your project's continuity and on-time completion.

Why Choose Invensis?

Partnering with Invensis, one of the best end-to-end eCommerce outsourcing companies, can help your business operate 24/7 with the right customer support and an outstanding shopping experience. To ensure steady growth, you can outsource marketing for your eCommerce store and other non-core functions with us. We also handle order processing, managing product information, and photo editing services to diminish your stress in the business.


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What Our Customers Say

As a large brand, catalog management and order processing take up a lot of our time. But outsourcing these key functions to ecommerce outsourcing companies like Invensis has freed up our resources considerably while also improving the general searchability and customer experience on our site.

Autumn Young
Leading Retail Giant in Canada

Invensis has been our growth partner, helping us grow our ecommerce business multifold. Their managed ecommerce services have helped place us on the ecommerce landscape, ensuring a continuous stream of interested shoppers.

Ivy Sanchez
Leading eCommerce Platform in US

Invensis helped us transform our business by turning around the way we handled our customer support. With their 24/7 virtual assistant and managed ecommerce services, our customers have reported increasing levels of satisfaction, and our percentage of repeat business has increased.

Kat Lopez
Leading Retail Company in Canada

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