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Is processing mortgage loans in-house a stumbling block for your business? Are issues like shortage of skilled personnel, changing regulatory requirements, and work fluctuations keeping your business on the edge? An easy way out is to delegate your support needs to an expert mortgage processing outsourcing provider.


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Outsource Mortgage Processing to the Expert

Invensis has over two decades of experience delivering top-notch back-office support services to US mortgage companies, brokers, and commercial lending companies. We specialize in various mortgage processing outsourcing services, including loan origination and processing, loan underwriting, quality checks, post-closing, etc.

Adhering to industry regulations and guidelines, maintaining data accuracy, adapting to market dynamics, and ensuring speed and scalability have been the hallmarks of our services. We bank on a team of loan processors, underwriters, and compliance experts to deliver services that guarantee a seamless borrowing experience for your borrowers. We have an excellent track record of tailoring efficient solutions to enhance the competitiveness of lenders. 

Our Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Processing Services

Loan Origination and Loan Processing
Loan Origination & Loan Processing
Validate 1003 Application Form
Verify Title Information
Review Appraisal Reports
Confirm Signed and Dated Disclosures
Loan Underwriting
Loan Underwriting
Credit Report Check
 Income Calculation for Borrowers (Wage Earners & Self-Employed)
Loan Eligibility Assessment
Loan Approval or Rejection Based on Guidelines
Quality Control (QC)
Quality Control (QC)
Thorough QC on Loan Documentation
Error Identification and Resolution
Compliance Verification
Post-Funding Loan Monitoring
Additional Requirement Check
Outstanding Item Resolution and Verification

Our End-to-End BPO Mortgage Processing Support Process

Our mortgage loan processing service is designed to ring in efficiency and accuracy from start to finish.

  • 1

    Application intake and verification

    First, we gather and verify borrower details to assess loan eligibility and financial stability.

  • 2

    Credit analysis and underwriting

    We scrutinize credit histories and financial data to determine the borrower's suitability for a loan.

  • 3

    Property appraisal and inspection

    We then arrange for property appraisals and inspections to ascertain its value and condition.

  • 4

    Document preparation and submission

    Our team meticulously prepares and submits all required loan documents for underwriting.

  • 5

    Reviewing Underwritten Docs

    We review the underwritten documents for accuracy and flag inconsistency, if any, for corrections.

  • 6

    Post-closing servicing and compliance

    We review and verify all documents for compliance once the loan is closed.

The Invensis Advantage for Mortgage Solutions Services

Skilled Personnel
Skilled Personnel
We are driven by a team of experienced mortgage professionals with profound knowledge of loan processing, underwriting, quality control, and compliance. We leverage their expertise to help our clients navigate complex regulations with ease.
Streamlined Document Management
Streamlined Document Management
We bank on advanced mortgage document management systems to improve doc organization and accessibility, streamline processes, reduce errors, enhance compliance, and expedite loan approvals.
Access to Latest Software
Access to Latest Software
We leverage advanced mortgage processing tools like Encompass, Calyx Point, and Floify to eliminate repetitive tasks, automate data extraction and validation, and expedite the loan closure cycle. 
Regulatory Compliance Assurance
Regulatory Compliance Assurance
We guarantee complete data security and compliance because we are certified by ISO 9001-2008 and 27001-2015. We adhere to GDPR and every other federal guideline as mandated by law.

Invensis - The Most Trusted Mortgage Service Provider

Invensis has earned a name for trust and excellence in mortgage support services. With a proven track record of over 24 years, we are a one-stop solution provider for most clients. We owe it to our team's unmatched underwriting, loan processing, and compliance expertise, guaranteeing precision at every step. Besides, our unique ability to tailor our services to the unique needs of our clients makes us a preferred partner by all means. Over the years, our mortgage processing outsourcing services have evolved to include streamlined processes, state-of-the-art technology, and robust data security protocols to assist our clients in making the most of market conditions.


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What Our Customers Say

As a small business real estate agency, we couldn't have navigated the complex world of mortgages and loans without Invensis' exceptional mortgage services. Their expertise and efficiency have streamlined our operations and accelerated our success.

Emily Jensen
Leading Mortgage Lending Firm in Canada.

We faced serious challenges in mortgage processing, but Invensis' mortgage processing outsourcing services came to our rescue. Their expertise in document verification and underwriting support streamlined our operations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Highly recommended!

Alex Stratton
Leading Real-Estate Agency in the UK.

Invensis has been instrumental in streamlining our mortgage and loan processing operations. Their support services, including document management and loan verification, are exceptional, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the process. We highly recommend Invensis for their expertise and commitment.

Noah Harrison
Leading Credit Unions in the US.

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