Air Waybill Processing Services

Swift processing of Air Waybills (AWB) is a fundamental aspect of transporting goods through the airways. The AWB declares the terms and conditions of the shipment and acts as a contract between the airline and the shipper of the goods. The task of transferring the information which is contained on AWBs into a digital format is a very intricate and time consuming process. A logistics Business Process Outsourcing company, Invensis possesses the knowledge and skills required to streamline Air Waybill of Lading document processing.

With over a decade of logistics support services experience, Invensis has an established process in place to complete AWB processing with a swift turn around time, while also ensuring minimal errors.

Air Waybills contain information regarding the shipper, the consignee and the goods. The highly trained team at Invensis has extensive experience and utilizes state of the art technology to process Air Waybills with extreme accuracy. Having attained ISO 27001 certification, Invensis places great importance on data security while completing AWB processing.

Air Waybill Processing Services

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