How Top BPO Companies Handle Data Security

Amy Pattinson
August 3, 2022
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Delegating tasks or projects to a business process outsourcing company is becoming one of the major trends with corporates these days. A significant amount of work is outsourced and quality work is what every company expects in return these days. The biggest concern a client has with BPO companies is how secure their data is. There have been breaches that have cost millions of dollars for major corporates.

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So how do companies that provide business process outsourcing services assure data security to clients?

  • A dedicated IT team available 24/7: Every reputed BPO has a team dedicated to monitoring bandwidth activity and ensuring that data is not being compromised. Besides monitoring, they ensure that every server assigned to every department is well encrypted and they act quickly in situations where servers are down and disrupt the whole company business.
  • Stringent data security policies: When employees handle projects of clients based in another company, they have to sign documents that state that the client's data will be handled with utmost care and in no way will it be compromised. In case they do not follow the same, heavy penalties and legal actions come into play.
  • ISO certifications: An ISO-certified company ensures that the company is following the guidelines and standards set by the ISO firm. Depending on the ISO certification, any company can understand the level of security measures the company follows.

Although these are the basic measures taken by top BPO companies, all the employees in BPOs have to follow a strict set of guidelines. No employee in a BPO company is allowed to carry mobiles, laptops, flash drives, etc. inside the work area, rather employees are not allowed to carry anything that can store or transfer data.

Conversations with customers or clients, if taken down in paper, have to be shredded after use. If employees fail to adhere severe actions like suspension, termination and even heavy penalties have to be borne them.

Data security is the most important aspect of any BPO company. The higher the security, the higher the level of trust of a client.

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Amy Pattinson

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