Elevate Your Operations with World Class BPO Services

At Invensis, our Offshore outsourcing services are focused towards delivering outstanding results for our clients. We adapt our services to cater to the specific needs of your business and assist you in achieving your business goals.

StripElevate Your Operations with World Class BPO Services

Discover Our Expert BPO Services

We understand the importance of optimizing and enhancing various aspects of your business operations. That's why we offer a wide variety of outsourcing services tailored to meet your business' unique needs. Whether it's accounting or back-office support, we have comprehensive solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries. Our expertise and cutting-edge technology help streamline processes, improve efficiency, and achieve your business goals.

Our end-to-end F & A services encompass accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, payroll processing, tax preparation, financial analysis, etc. We blend expert F&A knowledge with advanced tools to maintain precise financial records, ensure regulatory compliance, and complete transparency.

Finance and Accounting Services

Our services encompass a range of critical ecommerce functions, including order processing, product data entry, eCommerce accounting, catalog management, and customer service. We pool our knowledge and experience to assist ecommerce companies in optimizing operations, ensuring on-time order fulfillment, and delivering excellent customer experiences.

eCommerce Support Services

Our insurance claim processing support services include claims data entry, insurance processing, and customer service process management. We commit ourselves to simplifying claims administration workflows and assisting insurance companies and brokers in improving accuracy, timeliness, and customer experiences.

Insurance Claims Processing Services

We streamline order management with a range of inclusive services, including order shipping and logistics, inventory management, order processing, product returns and management, order processing, and order management customer support. Our services are geared towards ensuring order accuracy, efficient order delivery, and building agile and cost-effective processes.

Order Management Services

Our data analytics services are dedicated to systematically analyzing business data to generate valuable business insights and predict emerging trends and patterns. We specialize in services like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Business Intelligence, Automation, and Big Data Management. 

Data Analytics Services

We offer various services, including search engine marketing, web analytics, email marketing, social media marketing, content writing, and affiliate marketing, to boost a business's online presence and help them reach their target audience.

Digital Marketing Services

We manage the entire gamut of RCM services. These services include medical coding & billing, medical billing charge entry, payment posting, medical claim processing, and denial management. The thrust of our services is designed to optimize workflows and ensure efficient revenue flow. 

Revenue Cycle Management Services

We support factoring businesses with critical back-office service needs such as invoice audit/validation, load verification, post-purchase verification, collection follow-up, etc. Our services enable our clients onboard the right clients and recover dues on time.

Factoring Support Services

Our services include Project Management, IT service management, IT Security and governance, Agile Project Management, DevOps, etc. We help organizations train employees and upgrade their skills so that they can make meaningful contributions to their organization's overall success.

Corporate Training Services

We assist mortgage companies, brokers, and credit unions in managing complex tasks like loan processing, underwriting, QC on loan documentation, and post-closing. Our services are tailored to streamline and facilitate time-consuming mortgage back office needs and easily manage complexities. 

Mortgage Processing Services

Enhancing Operations and Performance in Diverse Industries with Customized BPO Services

As a leading BPO service provider, We specialize in enhancing operations and performance across diverse industries through our customized solutions. We understand that each industry has its unique requirements and challenges. Our expertise lies in tailoring our BPO services to meet the specific needs of each sector. Whether you are in finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or any other industry, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive BPO support services that optimize processes, improve efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. With our industry knowledge, advanced technologies, and commitment to excellence, we are here to be your trusted partner in enhancing operations and achieving exceptional performance in your industry.

Our team of experts has the knowledge, experience, and advanced technologies to meet any need, whether it's order management, inventory optimization, transportation logistics, or supply chain analytics.

Logistics and Supply Chain BPO Services

Our customs brokerage BPO services include document preparation and submission, customs duties assessment and payment as well as all aspects of customs clearance.

Customs Brokerage BPO Services

From healthcare administration and medical billing to patient support, our Healthcare BPO services are tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations.

Healthcare BPO Services

Providing a wide range of insurance bpo services, we work with trusted insurance providers to deliver policies and coverage options that meet your specific needs.

Insurance BPO Services

Our chemical and manufacturing BPO services are tailored to meet the specific needs of chemical manufacturers, industrial producers, and manufacturing companies.

Chemical and Manufacturing BPO Services

Whether you're buying, selling, renting or investing in real estate, our real estate BPO services empower you with the expertise, guidance, and support to succeed.

Real Estate BPO Services

Whether you're establishing a physical store, expanding your e-commerce presence, or optimizing inventory management, our retail BPO services are designed to equip you with the tools, strategies, and support needed to thrive in a competitive retail market.

Retail BPO Services

Whether you need voice, data connectivity, or cloud-based communication, our telecommunications BPO services cover a wide range of needs. We provide a reliable and scalable solutions to facilitate seamless communication internally and externally.

Telecommunication BPO Services

Our media and entertainment BPO services include a variety of options to support filmmakers, artists, broadcasters, and content distributors at every stage of their business cycle.

Media and Entertainment BPO Services

While experiencing fast-tracked growth, the automotive industry must keep pace with changing economic environments, evolving customer expectations, and emerging technologies.

Automobile BPO Services

Invensis Technologies, a leading IT-BPO service company, provides BPO support services for educational institutions and other businesses in the learning and development sector.

Education BPO Services

As a leading BPO provider for energy and utilities, we provide data management and analytics, customer service, and back-office support to help organizations achieve sustainable growth.

Energy and Utilities BPO Services

Choose Invensis as your Offshore Outsourcing Company

Having 24 years of experience and expertise in delivering offshored outsourcing services, we ensure that our value added consultations provides the right answers to your business challenge. We have extensive industry knowledge, resources, skilled personnel, systems, plans and processes in place that ensure business continuity even during emergency situations.

Invensis, an offshore services provider possesses deep seated capabilities to scale up services in accordance with changing requirements, ensuring the continuity and on-time completion of your project.

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Why Choose Invensis? 

At Invensis, our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services are focused towards delivering outstanding results for our clients. We adapt our outsourcing services to cater to the specific needs of your business and assist you in achieving your business goals. You also get the advantage of cost-effective services, that span back office solutions, customer care outsourcing, Finance and Accounting (F&A), and information technology (IT).


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What Our Customers Say

Invensis helped us to get away with manual procurement processes and supplier management inefficiencies. They implemented an advanced procurement platform to streamline vendor relationships and optimize sourcing. Their commitment helped us improve our retail procurement process significantly.

Amelia Jones
Head Buyer, A Leading Australian Retail Chain

Invensis has helped us create a learning hub for our employees by providing the best corporate training certifications for our BPO and to help them upskill on a continuous basis. This not only improves employee experience but also helps our customers get more value by partnering with us.

Liam Harris
Leading Media and Entertainment Company in UK

I was really impressed with the insurance claims processing services offered by Invensis investigations. They were able to quickly identify the fraud and get us the evidence we needed to prove our case.

Freddie Torres
Leading Logistics Insurance Company in US
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