How We Hire Factoring Support Experts

Our recruitment approach focuses on hiring candidates with a blend of industry knowledge and a customer-centric mindset. This helps us address the diverse needs of our clientele. Therefore, we screen candidates based on candidates knowledge of how to assist the creditworthiness of potential clients, manage accounts receivable, facilitate the purchase of invoices at a discounted rate, maintain communication between clients and financiers, timely collection of payments, etc. Our hiring process is categorized into screening and selecting, which is detailed below.

Our Hiring Process

Here are the steps for hiring factoring support experts at Invensis:

Screening Process for Factoring Support Experts

Screening Process
  • Initial Screening

    First, we assess candidates for strong communication skills, attention to detail, problem-solving abilities, and proficiency in relevant software tools.
  • Technical Assessment

    During this phase, we conduct tests to evaluate candidates' understanding of factoring business. We test them for their knowledge of how to assess client creditworthiness, validate invoices, turn accounts receivable into immediate cash, etc.
  • Behavioral Interview

    Next, we conduct behavioral interviews to gauge candidates' ability to handle customer inquiries, resolve disputes, and provide satisfactory solutions. This helps us understand how candidates approach complex problems and make decisions under pressure.
  • Background Verification

    Further, we investigate and validate the shortlisted candidates' private, professional, educational, and criminal histories to evaluate whether they are qualified for employment.

Selection Criteria for Factoring Support Experts

Selection Process
  • Relevant Experience

    During the selection process, we evaluate candidates on factoring operations, accounts receivable management, or financial services. We simulate scenarios involving factoring transactions, customer interactions, and negotiation situations to assess candidates' ability to handle real-world challenges hands-on.
  • Technical Proficiency

    We test candidates on their experience in using accounting software, CRM systems, and other relevant tools such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, or Factoring CRM platforms. We create different scenarios and ask them to deploy their skills to help us understand their depth.
  • Soft Skills

    Here, we evaluate candidates' ability to communicate clearly and effectively with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, as well as their proficiency in written communication for documentation purposes.
  • Team Fit

    Finally, we test the candidates' ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, including sales, operations, and credit departments, to ensure smooth factoring transactions and client satisfaction.

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As an established player within the factoring support space, we have been delivering comprehensive back-end support services since 2000 to companies in the US and European markets. Our clientele includes factoring companies specializing in supporting trucking, logistics, freight forwarders, insurance, payroll, pawn, equipment manufactures, and more. We offer an expert team, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled customer service, to develop and deliver custom solutions for your unique needs.


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What Our Customers Say

Working with Invensis has allowed us to reduce overhead costs and increase our efficiency. Their expertise in factoring support services is second to none. Outsourcing this to Invensis has been one of the best decisions we've made for our business.

James Frank
CEO, Factoring Firm, UK

Invensis' factoring support services have been an essential part of our decision-making, helping us to stay competitive and profitable in a challenging market. Today, our factoring operations are running smoothly, and our customers are happier than ever.

Vincent Paul
CEO, Third Largest Factoring Company, Canada

Our partnership with Invensis has been a game-changer for our business. Prior to partnering with them, we were struggling to keep up with the high volume of invoices and collections. Their factoring support services have enabled us to bring this under full control.

John Smith
COO, Leading Factoring Company, US
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