Component and Unit Testing Services

It is vital for companies who are into producing software applications to be sure that their products are defect free and in perfect functional order, in line with the fulfillment of their SLAs. Producing defective software can lead to loss of reputation as well as to possible legal and security issues. This situation can be prevented by implementing software quality assurance testing as part of the SDLC.

Unit Testing refers to the testing of the smallest testable parts of software; Component Testing, also known as Module or Program testing, identifies flaws in individual components or modules of the application. This ensures debugging at the earliest possible stage before the SDLC advances. It follows unit testing and precedes integration testing.

In-house component and unit testing may end up consuming a lot of time, money and resources as well as lead to a considerable deviation from the core business goals. Outsourcing non-core activities such as component testing of software applications to an experienced and reliable testing services provider would be a pragmatic solution for businesses: it ensures speedy software development while achieving the desired quality of product at lowered costs and reduced overheads.

Invensis Technologies is an experienced Software Testing Company with 20 years of experience in providing a variety of software testing services for businesses. We provide you with customized testing services using updated technologies, skilled and qualified technical work force.

Component and Unit Testing Services

Range of Component and Unit Testing Services

Invensis provides a wide range of customizable unit and component testing and related services. These include:

Component Testing Life Cycle

Invensis’ dedicated and experienced testing team follows a standardized methodology for unit and component testing. The general outline of the methodology is as follows:

1. Assessment of Test Requirements:

Our testing team will determine the requirements for testing, following consultation with our client-side developers. They will determine the scope of the testing and the test objectives. They would identify the components to be tested based on priority.

2. Test Plan Creation:

Our testing team will then create the test plan.

3. Allocation of Resources for Testing:

We will then allocate the resources required for the testing.

4. Test Case Script:

This is the first level of software testing where test cases are written and executed.

5. Execution of the Test Case:

The testing team will then execute the test.

6. Monitoring and Updates:

The entire process will be monitored and the client would be informed of the progress.

7. Identification, Tracking and Removal of Bugs:

Bugs will be tracked and suitable corrections would be done to ensure the removal of the bugs.

8. Evaluation:

Our dedicated testing team carries out evaluation of the testing and presents it to you in the form of a report.

9. Testing Completion:

Testing is considered to be completed when all the criteria are fulfilled.

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