Load Testing Services

The daily critical business transactions are dependent on the effective functioning of business related software applications. Businesses need to ensure that their software can withstand peak loads at most times and conditions without breaking down. They can do this by testing their applications using load testing.

Load testing measures the software’s ability to cope up with different loads (user demands). To ensure that their product is tested thoroughly, businesses need to get their load testing done through an experienced testing provider.

Invensis is a leading Software Testing Company with considerable testing expertise in load testing. Our qualified and experienced testers can carry out different kinds of load testing as per your requirements. Our methodical and cost-effective processes will ensure that your application is performance-ready and ready for production with minimal risk.

Load Testing Services

Range of Load Testing Services

In general, Invensis' software testing team will carry out load testing for your web applications, data base applications, command line applications and hardware requirements. We offer different kinds of load testing which include:

Invensis’ Load Testing Services Provides You with Essential Valuable Information about your Software Performance

Our various and customized testing services will provide you with valuable data on the performance of your application. This data is essential for determining whether your software goes into production mode or not. This data includes information pertaining to:

1. Maximum Operating Capacity:

For a multi-user server based application, we provide information related to the maximum number of users who can use the application at a time and number of users who can use the application at the same time.

2. Scalability:

Our testing will provide information on the scalability of the application: whether the application can be scaled up or down according to the number of users using it.

3. Identification of Defects:

We can identify problems with the functioning of the application including identification of elements which may contribute to degradation.

4. Measurement of Load Curves:

These are the most important results obtained from a load test as they provide information on how an application behaves under different loads. Our testers would provide you with the load curves corresponding to the parameters: Response Times, Capacity and Stability.

5. Throughput Rates:

Our testers will also determine the throughput rate in terms of the number of transactions per second.

6. System Lag:

Our testers will also identify any system lagging issues.

7. Page Load Issues:

Our testing will identify whether there are any page load issues with the application as well as determine the time taken for the visitor to receive a page.

8. Load Point:

Our testing will also determine the load point, the point where the server crashes.

9. Software Design Issues:

Our load testing would also highlight issues related to a failure of concurrency control, poor optimization etc.

10. Server Configuration Issues:

Our testers would also identify problems with server configuration such as with the configurations of a web server, application server, database server, thus enabling you to gauge whether your existing infrastructure is able to cope with the user demand.

11. Hardware Deficiencies:

Memory shortage and excessive disk.

Load Testing Process and Methodology

At Invensis, our testers will carry out the load testing under controlled conditions. During a load testing, the application would be subjected to a user load simulation which mimics a real life scenario. If you require load testing for a particular application or its particular component, here is how our testers would carry it out for you:

1. Performance Acceptance Criteria:

Performance acceptance criteria would be identified for determining success or failure of the testing

2. Scenario Planning:

Our test designers would then identify the scenarios which are critical for the performance of your application and which would be the basis of the test.

3. Work Load Model:

Our testers would create a model which would help them conduct the test as per a real life situation

4. Workload Profile:

We would then identify the target load levels for distributing the entire load among the key scenarios.

5. Identification of Metrics:

Our test planners would then select the metrics which would be used for studying the performance of the application against the performance objectives.

6. Designing Test Plan and Test Case:

We would then design tests to simulate the load. This would include:

7. Testing:

Our testers would be making use of sophisticated and the latest load testing tools to implement the load according to the designed tests, and to capture the metrics.

8. Risk Mitigation:

As part of our testing, we would also take into account possible risks and measures to nullify them so that the testing is not impacted.

9. Analysis:

Our analysis team would analyze the metric data captured during the tests and provide you with the reports of the performance

Outsourcing Your Load Testing to Invensis Will Ensure That Your Software Applications are production-ready

Invensis’ load testing outsourcing services confers several major benefits which will significantly impact your business efficiency.

1. Cost-effective:

Outsourcing your load testing requirements to us, will save time and cost. You can utilize your valuable in-house manpower and resources for areas which are more critical to your enterprise, thus enhancing focus, efficiency and pr

2. Flexibility and Scalability:

We provide customized testing packages for you. Our testers would engage with you at each stage of the testing process to ensure that the testing goes as per your specifications. The tests can be scaled up or down as per your instructions.

3. Robust Products:

Hiring our load testing services will ensure that your final products are robust and substantially free of risk. This would ensure their faster production and early release into the market.

4. Assured Quality:

We have the highest commitment to quality. Our ISO 9001 certification is a testimony in this regard. Our experienced and qualified professional testers constantly ensure that they give their best. We are committed to the continuous development of our staff as well as being technologically innovative.

5. Data Security and Confidentiality:

Protection of data integrity and client information is central to our best practices. As an ISO 27001 certified organization, this reflects our commitment to the protection of your valuable information.

6. Regular Updates and Reports:

We would deliver regular updates from the start to the completion of the testing processes.

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