Regression Testing Services

Software applications need to be frequently modified in response to changing business demands as well as technology upgrades. At the same time, the original core functions need to be retained. Regression testing helps to ensure that the new versions of applications retain their original functions following changes to the software code or incorporation of new features.

Carrying out in-house regression testing may be resource intensive for businesses. In addition, it requires the use of skilled coding experts and extensive maintenance as the number of scripts to be executed increases. This may be challenging for businesses racing against time while aiming to push multiple products into production. A more effective approach would be to speed up the development of their applications by outsourcing their regression testing to an experienced testing service provider.

Invensis Technologies is a leading Software Testing Company with 20 years of experience in providing reliable and cost-effective software testing services. Our aim is to ensure that your products work fine at the time of going to market. Our testing personnel have the requisite experience and expertise to carry out regression testing as part of the quality assurance of your project and to ensure the highest quality of products.

Regression Testing Services

Range of Regression Testing Services

Invensis provides customized testing as per the requirements of our clients.

We provide the following set of services under regression testing:

Regression Testing Life Cycle

Our testing team will collaborate with the clients’ developer teams to decide on a strategy, which best fits, the client’s requirements. Our testers follow a generalized regression test process as described below:

    1. Requirement Analysis:

    Our testing team will consult with the client developer team on what they want out of the test. We will come up with the minimal requirement fulfilment criteria to be used for determining that testing is successful.

    2. Test Revalidation/Selection/Minimization/Prioritization:

    Testers may decide the tests to be re-executed on the new application. This may involve four steps:

    3. Test Setup:

    The selected test is then set up.

    4. Test Execution:

    Execution of the specific test case is carried out and the results are noted.

    5. Output Comparison:

    The results of the tests would be compared.

    6. Fault Mitigation:

    Any identified faults/weaknesses would be rectified and the testing will be carried out until the minimal success criteria are fulfilled and all the original functions have been verified to be in place.

    7. Reports:

    The final step would be the submission of the final detailed report of the regression testing which would contain the details of testing, number of runs and outcome as well as corrective measures undertaken.

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