Security, Penetration & Vulnerability Testing Services

The widespread use of software applications in everyday and business life is paralleled by the rise of security breaches, hacking and virus attacks. Intrinsic software defects and behavioral imperfections may promote these attacks. Third parties with harmful intent may exploit these vulnerabilities for their own profit. Companies may incur a serious loss of customer trust, legal and security complications, severe slowdown of business operations and high costs of remediation, as a result.

Security testing of applications is a critical quality assurance step for businesses to safeguard their applications. By testing the application for potential security vulnerabilities and defects, potential external attacks may be pre-empted.

Yet, it is impractical for companies to dedicate their valuable time and resources to in-house security testing, as that will end up diverting them from their core business goals. A pragmatic and cost-effective measure for businesses would to be to take the help of an experienced security testing outsourcing provider.

Invensis Technologies is a leading Quality Assurance and Software Testing Company, with 20 years’ experience in providing security testing services. We will provide customers with the expert assistance required to detect and correct application related vulnerabilities. Our security testing services would help to ensure faster quality check of products, improve business efficiency, and strengthen customer faith.

Security, Penetration & Vulnerability Testing Services

Security Testing Strategies

At Invensis, our security testing team consists of skilled testers, who are experts in conducting a variety of security testing. They remain constantly updated on the latest threats and vulnerabilities and are well versed with the techniques and tools required to identify and correct them.

Some of the techniques used as part of security testing include:

Security Testing Process and Methodology

Security Testing is a type of non-functional testing. Our testing team ensures that all testing would revolve around the core attributes of security testing. These attributes are:

The methodology we follow as part of our testing is as follows:

    1. Understanding Context:

    Our team will understand the rules concerning security compliance and rules of the organization and its impact on the use and maintenance of the specific application.

    2. Security Architecture analysis:

    They will make a study of the kind of security features, which would be a part of the application.

    3. Choose the Kind of Security Testing:

    Our expert testers would then select the kind of security testing, after identifying the list of possible security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the application. For this, all information related to the system setup, operating system, networks, databases, hardware etc. will be collected.

    4. Carry out Threat Modelling:

    The testers would then carry out threat modelling, in order to create a Threat Profile.

    5. Create a Test Plan:

    The next step would be to create a test plan to carry out security testing after determining the list of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

    6. Construct a Traceability matrix:

    A traceability matrix would be created for each identified threat/risk/vulnerability.

    7. Identification and Selection of Security Tool:

    The next step is the selection of a tool to be used for the testing. Using Automation tools for security testing may be more efficient as compared to manual testing. There are many automation tools available for carrying out security testing of web applications.

    8. Test Case Execution:

    They would then execute the test case after which they would identify the defects.

    9. Test Case Preparation:

    Testers would then prepare the test case for the security testing.

    10. Reports:

    The final step would be the submission of the final detailed report of the security testing. This report will contain the list of identified threats and weaknesses. The report will identify the issues, which were resolved, and how they were resolved. It will also highlight the issues that remain open.

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