Stress Testing Services

Today’s world revolves around software applications. Most business, financial, scientific, and technological operations will come to a standstill when applications fail under the pressure of unexpected stimuli. Stress testing is, therefore, an essential part of software quality assurance. Companies have to ensure that the products they build are tough and able to function even under extreme conditions.

Through stress testing, the tester is able to check the resilience of a software application, program, device, or network under adverse conditions such as system failures or crashes. This testing would reveal the existence of potential bugs or defects that weaken the software.

Stress Testing requires the investment of a considerable amount of time, resources, and skilled personnel. Focusing on in-house stress testing could lead to considerable distraction from business goals. Outsourcing stress testing of applications to an experienced and reliable IT testing services provider would provide the most appropriate solution for businesses: it ensures speedy software development while achieving quality and lowered costs.

Invensis Technologies is an experienced Quality Assurance and Software Testing Company with 20 years’ experience in providing software testing services for businesses. We provide you with customized testing services using updated technologies and skilled work force; we provide a wide area of test coverage at highly competitive rates.

Stress Testing Services

Range of Stress Testing Services

Invensis provides a wide range of customizable stress testing services. The services we provide include:

Stress Testing Methodology and Process

Stress testing is a type of non-functional testing. The general outline of the procedure is as follows:

The standard manual testing life cycle that we follow is as follows:

1. Identification of Test Objectives:

Our testing team will define the objectives and expected outcomes of the testing activity

2. Identification of Test Scenario:

We will be identifying the scenarios or test cases, to be used for the stress testing, for detection of flaws.

3. Identification of Workload:

Our testers would decide the workload for the scenarios in collaboration with our clients.

4. Identification of Metrics:

Our testers would also identify the metrics for the testing process.

5. Creation of Test Cases:

The testing team would be writing down the steps for a single test and the expected output.

6. Simulation of Load:

The testers would then use test tools to simulate the test load for each test case and capture metric data results.

7. Analysis of The Metric Data:

Based on results of the test, the testers would make needed changes; they would go back to step 4 and repeat the testing until the results are in line with expectations..

The test scenarios used for stress testing involve the creation of an un-supporting or damaged environment and checking the performance of the application in it. Examples of such environmental conditions include:

The application may or may not fail the stress test, but the way it responds to the stress will provide the testers valuable information on its behaviour.

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