Logistics Analytics Services

Logistics as an industry vertical is very dynamic and quite fragmented in nature, and being an intricate structure of the supply chain makes it a perfect case for use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Robotics process automation for solving most of its challenges.

Logistics companies are now in a far better position to anticipate slow and busy business cycles, supply chain problems and take remedial measures. Our Artificial Intelligence solutions have helped our clients to make intelligent business decisions and also improve quality and performance of their logistics division or areas such as work order management, warehouse operations, supplier performance, accounts receivables, transportation tracking and many more. Due to the sheer volume of data generated by the various departments within in logistics companies, related to goods handled everyday with all the shipments, their weights, addresses, sizes and so on, a logistics analytics software powered by statistical and Machine Learning models can be a game changer by managing the information inflow, helping interpret the data and translate into business advantage.

In a sector that is plagued by cut throat competition and demanding customers, our suite of Logistics analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence will help simplify tasks and streamline your business processes. Some of the new avenues powered by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Process Automation that are making a difference to the industry are autonomous vehicles or self-driven vehicles, smart roads, back office operations and personalised customer experience.

Logistics Analytics Services

Our End-to-End Logistics & Transportation Analytics Services

To enhance efficiency and run sophisticated global networks seamlessly, trucking companies are adopting Robotics Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies in their operations. Intense competition coupled with rising fuel costs, demanding customers, and the need for delivery on time has spruced up the need for advanced analytics solutions, which can provide actionable insights and help make informed decisions based on real-time and historical data. Warehousing is key to logistics management, the importance of which exceeds far from just that of a storage unit. They can create a great amount of goodwill for the customers. The effective application of warehouse management can have a positive effect on every stage of the supply chain

Route Optimisation

The main objective is to Maximize Orders, Maximize Service Delivery and Requirements, Minimize Labor, and Minimize Miles & Fuel. Route optimization answers these questions. Routing Optimization is finding the best possible path between two or more locations in a given transport network. The solution applies to Freight Routing, Service Routing, Passenger Routing. There are multiple types of Route optimization, such as Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP), Ant Colony Optimization (ACO). Some of the considerations while selecting the route can be Single v/s multiple depots/destinations, Vehicle capacity (homogeneous vs. heterogeneous, volume vs. weight). The algorithms used are Permutation Enumerator, Greedy Search Algorithm, Genetic Algorithms.

Benefits of Data Analytics in Logistics and Transport Industry

Today, the logistics industry is plagued by multiple issues and challenges. Some of the very major challenges that the industry is facing are rising fuel costs, business process improvement, giving improved customer service, reducing breakdowns and downtime, route rationalization, tracking of shipment, escalating costs and demand forecasting. We understand how difficult it is to manage these issues of vital importance. Irrespective of whether your business is small or large we have the perfect solution for your problems.

Our comprehensive range of Logistics Analytics will definitely help you to overcome the majority of the problems discussed above. Our industry experts in Logistics will help you to derive valuable business insights and help you to unlock the growth potential and eventually emerge as a leader. Our whole gamut of solutions in terms includes Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Management, Business Intelligence, Internet of things, and Robotics Process Automation. Our solutions are based on intensive studies about the problems that you generally come across in the industry. We can genuinely boast of technologies that can help you to achieve digital transformation and utilize the resources efficiently.

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