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To enhance efficiency and run sophisticated global networks seamlessly, trucking companies are adopting Robotics Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies in their operations. Intense competition coupled with rising fuel costs, demanding customers, and the need for delivery on time has spruced up the need for advanced analytics solutions, which can provide actionable insights and help make informed decisions based on real-time and historical data. Warehousing is key to logistics management, the importance of which exceeds far from just that of a storage unit. They can create a great amount of goodwill for the customers. The effective application of warehouse management can have a positive effect on every stage of the supply chain

  • Reduce Breakdowns & Downtime

    Maximizing the availability of assets begins with in-depth and real-time maintenance efforts. Whether your fleet includes trucks or any other assets, you need to depend on each one of them for smooth functioning. Our Logistics analytics software, equipped with big data management tools, can help you continuously monitor your assets and take preventive actions to reduce breakdowns and downtime.

  • Reduce the Number of Recalls & Minimise Warranty Cost

    Recall of goods often translates into a heavy burden on corporate earnings. The burden of warranty costs is not just limited to any particular industry but has a great effect across the board. Our advanced analytics solutions offer huge opportunities to reduce the number of recalls and minimize warranty costs that often drain manufacturers’ bottom line.

  • Warehouse Optimization

    There are a lot of challenges associated with the functioning of a warehouse in the field of logistics. Some of them are seasonal demand surge, overstocking, out-of-stock, back orders, the pressure created due to constant striving for shorter lead times, and so on. In these situations, there is a need to predict these situations in advance, which can help logistics companies in warehouse optimization. Our Artificial Intelligence solutions can help avert an out-of-the stock, overstocking condition by forecasting the demand for the future. These can also help you to maintain a correct stock level by giving you an insight into consumer buying patterns.

  • Shipment Tracking

    Shipment tracking is of vital necessity in the Logistics Industry, which can help you to schedule the deliveries on time and security. Through our Mobile Application solution for shipment tracking, the drivers confirm the pickup of goods from the customer location and keep track of the shipment in regular intervals until the goods reach the warehouse or at the assigned destination. This solution can help the customer service and warehouse team to keep track of the flow and get alerts when things do not happen as planned.

Route Optimisation

The main objective is to Maximize Orders, Maximize Service Delivery and Requirements, Minimize Labor, and Minimize Miles & Fuel. Route optimization answers these questions. Routing Optimization is finding the best possible path between two or more locations in a given transport network. The solution applies to Freight Routing, Service Routing, Passenger Routing. There are multiple types of Route optimization, such as Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP), Ant Colony Optimization (ACO). Some of the considerations while selecting the route can be Single v/s multiple depots/destinations, Vehicle capacity (homogeneous vs. heterogeneous, volume vs. weight). The algorithms used are Permutation Enumerator, Greedy Search Algorithm, Genetic Algorithms.

  • Transport Mode Selection

    AI will be a defining force in the future of logistics, and its benefits are visible. Big data and analytics can impact overall operations and plays a key role in the selection of the mode of transport. Results and forecasts have resulted in a better allocation of resources while deciding on the transportation mode that will ultimately improve business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships.

  • Demand Forecasting

    With the help of our forecasting models, Logistics companies can effectively forecast demands and achieve greater operational efficiency. There are two types of forecasts: medium and long-range forecasts and short-range forecasts. Demand forecasting helps the logistics companies to accurately anticipate the demand for products and shipment throughout the supply chain, even under uncontrollable conditions. The solution will help the companies to understand how much safety stock they may need to meet the unexpected demand. It ultimately helps to reduce costs, increase employee efficiency, and optimal utilization of the fleet.

  • Video and Image Surveillance

    For any business, surveillance plays a key role in enhancing the security structures. Logistics analytics sift through bulk data to look for suspicious events. CCTV footage, Video data, and images are fed into our surveillance analytics, which will reveal suspicious behaviour automatically and report any unusual incidents. Logistics Analytics software can predict events before they occur, thereby allowing law enforcement agencies to use their resources efficiently.

    It provides a wide range of applications across the transportation hubs, probably the best place where surveillance is required the most.

Benefits of Data Analytics in Logistics and Transport Industry

Today, the logistics industry is plagued by multiple issues and challenges. Some of the very major challenges that the industry is facing are rising fuel costs, business process improvement, giving improved customer service, reducing breakdowns and downtime, route rationalization, tracking of shipment, escalating costs and demand forecasting. We understand how difficult it is to manage these issues of vital importance. Irrespective of whether your business is small or large we have the perfect solution for your problems.

Our comprehensive range of Logistics Analytics will definitely help you to overcome the majority of the problems discussed above. Our industry experts in Logistics will help you to derive valuable business insights and help you to unlock the growth potential and eventually emerge as a leader. Our whole gamut of solutions in terms includes Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Management, Business Intelligence, Internet of things, and Robotics Process Automation. Our solutions are based on intensive studies about the problems that you generally come across in the industry. We can genuinely boast of technologies that can help you to achieve digital transformation and utilize the resources efficiently.

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