Manufacturing Data Analytics

Manufacturing involves many intricate processes starting from raw material to final product. The manufacturing sector is vital to the world economy and is perpetually under pressure to boost productivity both by ever-changing consumer demand and aggressive competition. The digital transformation of the manufacturing industry has seen an increase in connected devices and sensors in the production processes monitoring the process at all stages. This avalanche of data has paved the way for analytics that has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. It is impossible to explore the effect and interaction between production efficiency, product demand, and other parameters without resorting to meaningful data analytics.

Analytics in manufacturing is a process of capturing, collating and analyzing data on procurement, production, downtime, costs, and sales to improve productivity and efficiency. Data analytics allows the manufacturing industry to harness the knowledge and intelligence hidden in the system in streamlining manufacturing processes, supply chain optimization and decrease downtime Predictive data analytics and advanced manufacturing technology have helped organizations implement Predictive and condition-based maintenance and stringent quality control using anomaly Detection.

At Invensis we believe that great value from the data can be derived by moving away from data analysis for only finding patterns to predicting the future. Our advanced analytics solution for manufacturing is empowered by artificial intelligence and robotics enabling strategic business decision making to meet business goals. Our Analytics solution for the manufacturing industry includes the following modules complete with detailed dashboards and reporting for enhanced governance.

Manufacturing Data Analytics

Our Manufacturing Analytics Solutions

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