Best e-Commerce Development Companies to Watch in 2022

Andrea Martinez
September 20, 2022
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Best e-Commerce Development Companies to Watch in 2022|Best e-Commerce Development Companies to Watch in 2022|Best e-Commerce Development Companies to Watch in 2022

e-Commerce is blowing up! The digitalization trend is rapidly sweeping the business world. The market anticipates that by 2024, e-Commerce will account for nearly 22% of all retail sales. However, you may be in trouble if your service or product is unavailable through e-commerce channels. Finding dependable and experienced digital commerce developers to assist you in creating a digital marketplace for your services should be your priority in your business strategy. Your collaboration with your e-Commerce developer defines your business strategy and revenue growth. That is why it is not an easy task to find a long-term partner. So, to assist you, we conducted extensive research to compile this comprehensive list of top e-Commerce development companies in 2022.

What is e-Commerce Website Development?

An online store can easily become lost in the crowd with an estimated 12 million to 24 million active e-Commerce sites worldwide. What is the key to standing out? Excellent website development that provides customers with the necessary experience. e-Commerce website development is improving the technical aspects of your e-Commerce website, such as how it functions, accepts payments, responds to user actions, and appears aesthetically. The web development services industry, which is expected to be worth $11 billion by 2022, allows business owners to launch user-friendly websites and solve their most pressing e-Commerce challenges, which could include:

  • Determining the best features and functionality for your e-Commerce project
  • Understanding which e-Commerce framework may be most suitable for you
  • Including e-Commerce in an existing website or website template

Top Reasons to hire an e-Commerce Development Company

Following are the top reasons to hire an e-Commerce development company for your business:

Simple Setup

With the assistance of an e-Commerce company, establishing an e-Commerce business becomes more accessible. Unlike physical stores, there is no need for a physical location, electricity, furniture, or other miscellaneous expenses. Instead, you need a skilled e-Commerce development company to assist you in organizing everything at a reasonable cost. They ensure that all your requirements for a good e-Commerce company are met in the most convenient manner possible. An e-Commerce development company handles everything needed to build an e-Commerce website. They handle everything from hosting and domain registration to creating a secure payment gateway for the final payment of the purchase.

More Affordable

Opening an e-Commerce development company reduces the cost of opening an e-Commerce store. Because managing and owning an e-Commerce company is cost-effective, starting an e-Commerce business becomes easier. However, it would be best if you could assemble a knowledgeable team of professionals to handle all aspects of setting up your online store. Do you know why now is an excellent time to start a business? Nowadays, consumers have quickly embraced the virtual world and are eager to reap the benefits of the digital frontier. As a result, businesses that couldn't survive before opening their online stores have become household names. All of this is possible through the e-Commerce industry.

24/7 Customer Service

Businesses require 24/7 support because the digital world operates around the clock. The main reason you need an e-Commerce development company is that they provide business support around the clock. Unlike physical stores, there is no set time for the store to open and close. Customers can shop at their leisure and according to their requirements. Similarly, they may encounter situations where immediate assistance is required. A skilled and efficient e-Commerce agency ensures that they can provide 24/7 support to the business to provide customers with a convenient service. Its goal is to provide the best services possible to provide smooth services to its customers.

Ongoing Maintenance

Managing an online business is nothing short of a mission. An e-Commerce agency, on the other hand, will make it easier for you. An e-Commerce website requires ongoing maintenance and support to provide seamless services to the audience. There are also updates and other requirements, so your online store must function smoothly and rank well in search engines.

Best e-Commerce Development Companies to Watch in 2022

Looking for a company that builds e-commerce? Please choose the best e-Commerce developer from the list of top e-Commerce development companies with reviews and ratings from their clients. These companies can help you with e-commerce design and development services. Because there is a lot of competition in the market for e-Commerce web development, it is hard for potential customers of e-Commerce stores to find the best performers in the e-Commerce industry. So, we listed the best e-Commerce companies. These companies are the best at designing and building e-Commerce websites. In addition, they build strong e-Commerce solutions that give customers a great shopping experience.

1. Megaplaza

Megaplaza is one of the top providers of Magento extensions. It has more than 200+ unique, specialized extensions that you can use to speed up checkout, make your site easier to navigate, automatically calculate the final cost of delivery, set up a payment gateway, connect partners or a recurring payments/subscription system, set up CRO, reports, and Google Tag Manager, and more. The team gives start-ups several free extensions to help them set up multi-level navigation, SMT, pop-up ads, etc. All Magaplaza extensions are risk-free investments because you can get your money back within 60 days. You'll also receive one year of free support and updates for all plugins for the rest of your life.

2. СedСommerce

CedCommerce gives you custom, unique, and affordable solutions made just for your business. The company will take your idea and turn it into a project from scratch. The service helps you set up a website or mobile app with unique chips, launch it, and connect it to trading platforms and markets so you can sell through multiple channels. CedCommerce also offers cloud hosting, digital marketing, AMP, payment extensions, and point-of-sale (POS) systems. The company works with many international brands, such as Facebook, Walmart, HubSpot, and Shopify. As a result, you have complete control over your company's growth. As a client, you can edit and talk about what you like and what you'd like to change.

3. Mageworx

Mageworx is an expert service that assists e-Commerce sellers with Magento or Shopify stores in increasing their profits. If you contact the company to improve the efficiency of your online store, they will use a variety of extensions, apps, and SEO tools to complete the task. The company provides pre-sale and technical support to each client individually. Mageworx can be contacted via email or through the website's online form. Mageworx has been used by over 40K businesses, including Swarovski, Inchoo, and Create Group, proving the service's reputation.

4. Unstack

The Unstack platform offers ultrafast no-code website hosting services for no-code websites such as landing pages, forums, and e-commerce stores. It includes a template library and a collection of premade design elements, allowing you to create and launch a webpage in minutes without needing complex development resources. In addition, this platform includes A/B testing, SEO tools, form and contact management, and full-funnel analytics. Furthermore, its one-click integrations provide quick access to all of your favorite marketing tools and plugins.

5. Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT Solutions studio offers various services, including B2B development, full-service B2C eCommerce projects, ERP, CRM integration, and digital marketing. The company has provided effective electronic commercial solutions using modern methods and techniques for many years. Since 2011, the company has completed projects for over 200 brands. They help their clients increase their profits by expanding their online presence. In addition, they provide all of the services required to achieve the desired business outcomes. They've worked for Nova Consulting, Daikin, World of Stones, Soji Cleaners, YK Almoyyad, Ashraf's Bahrain, and Traffic NYC, among other companies.

6. FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is a well-known custom software development firm that offers a wide range of services and software solutions. It provides cutting-edge software to its clients by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and frameworks such as Java, Swift, Kotlin, and React Native. FATbit has served thousands of global clients throughout its 17-year existence. FATbit's specialties include e-Commerce, entertainment, healthcare, eLearning, rental, food and beverage, and communication. It is also ranked among the top custom software development companies on platforms such as Clutch, GoodFirms, Trustpilot, and others. In addition, FATbit has been featured in prestigious media outlets such as Inc., The Entrepreneur, The Telegraph, Forbes, HuffPost, Business Insider, FOX 40, and others for its outstanding work.

Finally, FATbit employs an agile model to accelerate time to value for startups and enterprises. Its ready-to-implement, highly scalable, customer-centric digital products give business owners a competitive advantage. FATbit, on the other hand, can create a fully customized marketplace or mobile app.

7. Freelance Web Designer

Freelance Web Designer is a reputable Manchester e-Commerce development company. They provide digital marketing assistance to both large and small businesses.

They have customers in Australia, Portugal, and Switzerland, in addition to the UK. The team develops cutting-edge e-Commerce solutions to help businesses grow. The unique e-Commerce web design packages Freelance Web Designer offers allow you to find something tailored to your specific requirements. Furthermore, they use the most recent design and integration strategies on WordPress and WooCommerce, ensuring that all online stores they create meet modern standards.

8. Velocity Consultancy

Velocity Consultancy is a multi-service firm specializing in developing and designing e-commerce websites. They develop a wide range of e-Commerce platforms, such as online stores for desktop and mobile devices and e-Commerce landing pages. The specialists at the company work closely with their clients to provide the best solutions that meet their needs. They work meticulously on a website's functionality and design. As a result, velocity Consultancy creates responsive websites easily accessible from any device. You can see how your future online store will appear on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Velocity's websites are fully optimized for search engines. As a result, their pages load quickly, and all elements, such as a shopping cart, payment gateways, shipping options, and so on, are displayed correctly.

9. Unity Group

Unity Group has improved IT services and technology solutions for medium and large B2B and B2C companies for more than 20 years. With more than 220 employees, Unity Group helps its customers with software development, Kentico-based implementations, IT system integration, machine learning, business intelligence solutions, master data management, omnichannel strategy, e-Commerce solutions, legacy solutions system transformation, and digital technologies that guide the transformation.

10. Techzo

Techzo has a unique plan for each client when designing a website or making a logo that can work with any video or image format. It also offers marketing optimization to assist aspiring photographers, and business owners rank their websites in Google search results. Techzo experts create a unique design for each project while considering current trends, your business model, and your target audience. As a result, the end product will be optimized for all devices. At the same time, you receive complete ownership of the logo and future maintenance, allowing you to make changes to the website even after the project is completed and delivered. In addition, Techzo excels at developing unique web design concepts, smartphone applications, logos, and creative marketing strategies and providing in-depth analysis of potential issues.


If you're looking for an e-Commerce development company to help you take your online store to the next level, you can't go wrong with any of the companies on our list. But, first, check out the above-given list of e-Commerce development companies. They are all industry leaders with a proven track record of success. We hope you've found this guide beneficial, and we wish you the best of luck in your search for the best e-Commerce development company for your needs. Over the years, Invensis has successfully provided e-Commerce support services for numerous online retail businesses worldwide. Investing in a partnership with Invensis will thus enable your e-Commerce company to augment your e-Commerce efficiency and accelerate the time-to-market of products while broadening your customer reach across different markets.

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