Best Work Order Management Software You Need to Know

Amy Pattinson
September 30, 2022
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Best Work Order Management Software

Fabricate Strong Work processes with Work Request Programming Software's!

As a business owner, you must be familiar with the complex work order management process, which includes constant cross-departmental collaboration, planned work request scheduling, and progress monitoring. Fortunately, work order software can help you create, assign, and track work orders from your mobile device, providing visibility into work in progress across departments.

Work order management software provides all maintenance task details directly on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, to assist technicians in the field in entering data, communicating, and completing work efficiently, all without requiring them to travel between the office and the job site.

This article discusses the top Field Service Management and Software Advice-featured CMMS software with work order management capabilities to identify the best-rated solutions.

What Exactly Is Work Order Management Software?

Work order software is a management system that deals with customers and work data.

All work order software solutions make the work order process easier.  It is mostly used to handle internal maintenance requests. It allows you to create, assign, and track work orders and multiple employees.  Moreover, the global work order management systems market was valued at USD 358.2 million in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 694.6 million by 2023.

So, Which work order software is best for your company?

This is purely dependent on your organization's requirements. For example, fleet-based maintenance crews will likely require asset management and dispatch tools, whereas single-location businesses can integrate on-premise systems.

Using the Product Selection Tool above, you can read reviews and compare a variety of work orders and CMMS solutions. In addition, we'd love to talk if you need help assessing your current technology needs or selecting a vendor. For a free consultation, contact one of our unbiased technology advisors.

So, which work order management software is the most appropriate? Let us get to know this.

Best Work Order Management Software's

First, we'll discuss the best work order management solutions for field service management.

Field Service Management Software (FSM)

FSMs are ideal if the equipment you manage is not on company property. For example, your company may keep its own equipment but in a client's home or business. You could also be looking after your clients' equipment.

FSM solutions assist with dispatching, routing, customers, technicians, and work orders. In addition, FSM software provides the tools required for equipment maintenance, emphasizing customer satisfaction. The following systems are the best FSM solutions for work orders:

1. UpKeep

UpKeep is an excellent tool for streamlining business workflows, and its user-friendly interface makes creating and managing work orders a breeze. Because most technicians and facility managers spend most of their workdays away from their desks, UpKeep emphasizes mobile software like many comparable programs. So, what makes you choose UpKeep? Following pointers proves  it:

  • Tracking time, parts, and costs, as well as the ability to review trends and insight
  • To make cost-effective decisions
  • Allowing technicians, janitors, and operators to submit work requests from their mobile devices to improve workflow and response times
  • Tracking preventive maintenance, including the ability to create calendar-based preventive maintenance, checklists, and more;
  • Integrated inventory tracking—notifications when supplies are depleted, parts are used during maintenance, and so on

2. Oracle Field Service Cloud

Oracle's solution has great work order features, but it also has a wide range of other tools for field service. As a result, this vendor offers an incredibly well-rounded system that can meet all your field service needs.

Oracle helps you automate and improve how you handle work orders in several ways. First, the system can predict with 98% accuracy when a job will start and how long it will take. No one will miss the four-hour service window if this feature is added. It also considers travel time, so you can give your customers the latest information and keep their satisfaction high.

Your company will also make more money because job assignment and routing will be more efficient. Oracle also has great contract management features that take care of your SLAs and let you upload the necessary documents.

This solution is easy to connect to other products, especially for people who use Oracle's E-Business Suite and other Oracle software.

Now, let us talk about CMS Work order management software-

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Work Order can be a request to fix, restore, or replace an asset or piece of equipment. A technician can be scheduled or given a Work Order request for a job that must be done immediately.

1. Limble CMMS

Even though the terms are frequently used interchangeably, Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) serve distinct functions. While the former is more concerned with maintenance, the latter assists in tracking the asset's entire lifecycle.

Limble CMMS is the best tool for understanding each asset thoroughly, making it an excellent choice for EAM. It includes all of those tools you need to track all of your assets, whether they are 50 or 500,000, in a single solution. Regulating maintenance work has become easier, with most users claiming a 30% increase in overall communication and productivity due to the software.

Limble CMMS users can view detailed maintenance logs and receive real-time asset data via sensor connections. Additionally, the platform makes it simpler to monitor KPIs, locate data via QR codes, and benefit from limitless custom search fields for your assets, enabling you to monitor everything you desire.

2.  Fractal

Fractal is a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with a work order management feature that assists technicians in planning, executing, and reporting on all work orders.

The dashboard of Fractal's work order app shows all of your pending work orders and allows you to assign them to either your technicians or contractors. You can include specific details and instructions, such as the tools or services needed and the procedure to be followed. In addition, it allows you to send status updates on work orders via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other collaborative application.

This work order management software app has a Kanban view that allows you to access the to-do column, reschedule, and create new work orders from a single screen. You can reschedule pending work orders and track the status of active tasks using the timeline view. The fractal work order app allows you to visualize all the assets under management from one location.

You can monitor your work order metrics in real-time with Fractal and generate smart reports without wasting time on manual spreadsheets. The Fractal app provides email and phone support. This app is available for iOS and Android devices.

3. ServiceMax

When it comes to working orders, ServiceMax is also a solid maintenance management solution. It is just as comprehensive as Oracle, scoring 97/100 on our Jumpstart app. And, of course, it has a great work order capacity. You can easily add jobs and view job history with this system. Users can also record additional job-related information from outside sources, upload documents, and take notes. So spend no more time deciphering chicken scratch when your technicians can type their notes.

Because it is built on the Salesforce App Cloud platform, users can access customer information anytime. The system can also help you manage your contracts and meet your SLA requirements. However, because this software is only available in the cloud, it may not be suitable for all organizations.

ServiceMax works well in a wide range of industries and for businesses of all sizes. This vendor's customers come from various trades, ranging from small businesses looking for a competitive advantage to large corporations. As a result, ServiceMax can probably help you no matter where your business is located.

4. MaintainX

MaintainX is currently one of the market's best work order software options. The user-friendly work order management solution allows you to test the software first with a free plan. You can easily create as many orders as you require, as well as assets and locations, and you can invite as many users as you need.

The software's intuitive design includes simple form-making mechanics that make it simple to create, customize, and assign work orders.

There is an integrated communication network that allows teams to communicate and collaborate. Any work order request allows you to comment, message, and view asset history.

MaintainX can be accessed via mobile from any internet-connected device. In addition, the company has created an easy-to-use work order app for Android and iOS.


Exceptional management Software's can be difficult to find, especially if you don't know where to look.

It would be best to make a choice that will affect your business, so you should consider it carefully. That means you must adhere to a procedure. So, list your requirements and goals and compare each work order software to those criteria. For example, if you require complete collaboration among maintenance teams, you should look for software such as Limble CMS.

Similarly, if you work in a unique industry, you may require more customized work order software to create invoices, payments, and other documents. As a result, identify your goals and objectives before deciding on software that works well and streamlines your processes.

Order management outsourcing is always considered an option, if you are unsure about choosing or implementing the right software. We at Invensis Technologies can help your needs.

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Amy Pattinson

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