How To Reduce Mobile App Development Costs?

Andrea Martinez
August 17, 2022
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Did you know that developing a single app costs a minimum of $5000 to $10000? If you want any additional features, it can go up to $100,000 as well! When you develop an app you also pay for databases and servers. Additionally, app developers also build products that run properly on the future iterations of the platform as well. These costs, combined with the high developer hourly rates, make app development extremely expensive.

In this post, we help you find the best techniques to reduce your mobile app development costs without affecting its performance.

Ways to Decrease Mobile App Development Costs
Ways to Decrease Mobile App Development Costs

6 Ways to Decrease Mobile App Development Costs

Put Emphasis on the Requirements

An app’s success heavily relies on how well coders understand the requirements. Without absolute clarity on the vision of the app, your development team will find it difficult to translate your needs into reality. If you’re unclear on your needs, you’ll likely demand a lot of changes during the development order processing services and increase your costs. So, we recommend that you document your requirements in detail, and be as specific as you can to help your coders. Whenever any doubt arises, your documentation will guide them and ensure you don’t waste time correcting them.

When you pick a software vendor, prefer the ones who pay attention to your requirements, and ask relevant questions to clarify the vision. You could also seek the expertise of subject matter professionals and business analysts to correctly formulate your needs. Ensure your documentation isn’t vague and specifies every tiny detail clearly to avoid any confusion. Then, use these documents to derive on tech requirements for your developers. Also, try to ensure you both are on the same page and fully understand the requirements.

Consider Outsourcing the Project

Ways to reduce mobile app development cost Outsourcing software projects is a popular choice for companies that want stellar apps at a reasonable price. In fact, you can save up to 70 percent of the development costs by this method! Through platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, and others, you can choose a talented developer from across the world to build your app.

Furthermore, you can also easily sign up on these sites, post job requirements, and receive bids from coders and agencies globally. If you’re a small or medium-sized company, you’ll get a lot of value for your money from such platforms.

Pick the Right Cooperative Model Wisely

When you outsource, you must carefully choose the cooperative model that suits you. While no model eliminates the risk of outsourcing, you’ll save a lot of money by picking the right model for you. So have two choices: the fixed price model and the time-and-materials modeling.

The fixed option, you set a fixed amount that you’ll pay when you receive the results. Before signing the agreement, you share your needs and project tech specifications with your vendor. Then, your vendors approach you with their estimate and you fix a price mutually. With this model, you can easily limit your expenses and evaluate the results. However, in this model, you freeze the requirements and remove the possibilities of any changes to it. So, if you’re unclear about your needs, consider the next model.

In the time-and-materials model, you pay for the features and services you use. Though you may easily go over your budget, you’ll have more flexibility to change your requirements during the coding process. So, you’ll pay for the hours your vendor spends on developing your app. Additionally, you’ll also pay for any additional materials like hardware, software, licenses, and others they’ll need to make your app.

So, decide which side of the spectrum you fall on, and select a suitable model for you.

Use Cross-Platform Development

Though native apps perform better and faster, developing multiple apps for multiple platforms significantly increases your app development costs. So, consider using cross-platform development to decrease your costs significantly. One-thirds of mobile developers use these techniques for their clients. Professional developers and outsourcing firms with experience with these tools can help you achieve that vision.

You can access cross-platform apps with ease through the internet. Additionally, it becomes extremely simple to update these apps without user intervention. This simple shift helps you save on development costs in the short-term and maintenance costs in the long-term. They may not provide the best experience but they’re good choices to reduce expenses.

Minimize the App Functionality

In the beginning, many attractive features that don’t align with your objective may seem necessary. However, they distract your team from what should be the actual focus. So, identify important features and ask your coding team to complete them properly. Initially, emphasize on getting the most necessary functionalities coded well. If you still have money to spare on additional good-to-have features, you can consider getting them too. At the least, you’ll get an app that’s enough to sustain you for a while.

You could use prototyping at the requirement gathering phase to clarify your needs and prioritize them at the earlier stages. It helps you interact well with the developers, reduces errors, ambiguity, and rework, and improves mutual engagement.

Remember about Errors and Rework

An IEEE notes section states that coders spend 50 percent of their time at least to avoid rework. The longer you wait to fix your issues, the more time it takes to fix them. If a developer takes 5 hours to fix a bug while coding, the same error can take 15 hours to correct in the production system! Imagine how much it’ll increase your costs and delay your launch! So, focus on detecting these issues early in the stage and fixing them as you encounter them. It’ll save you a lot of money and effort, and get you to the final version easier.


“The single most important software development aspect is to be clear on what you’re trying to build.” – Bjarne Stroustrup

Being clear on your requirements and prioritizing the right ones will indeed lower your development costs. We hope this post helped you plan your app development budget. Running a eCommerce business can be simplified with our eCommerce outsourcing services. Our services can assist you in managing your everyday operations seamlessly enabling you to focus on your strategic business plan. Over the years, Invensis has successfully provided eCommerce support services for numerous online retail businesses across the world.

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