Comprehensive Guide to Learning C++ from Basics to Advanced

July 27, 2022
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C++ is one of the oldest programming languages which are still in use today. It has one of the largest existing codebases and therefore cannot be thrown out even though various new programming languages have come around. C++ is extensively used in video games, finance, high performance real-time and embedded systems, manufacture, transportation and various other industries where precision and determinism are critical.

Moreover there are very few alternatives. For real-time situations as well as for high performance desktop applications, C++ is extremely useful. Scope-Bound Resource Management (SBRM) is one of the killer features of C++. It is also the only programming language that is built around the concept of SBRM. The life times of all the objects are precisely known and C++ programs which are well written can guarantee the acquisition and release of resources in a fully deterministic manner.

Applications with better overall performance can be built using C++ compared to most other programming languages. Abstractions are built in C++ with compiler-only items such as templates moving the computation from runtime to compile time which makes the overall application faster. Most embedded systems do not have the power to run various programming languages that require more runtime support compared to that required by C++ which require virtually no runtime support.

Programming languages such as C-styled languages, Java and JavaScript can be easily understood by anyone who knows C++. Finally, writing server side programs, programs for Android applications and others that are efficient and secure can be easily done using C++.Here is a comprehensive list of C++ tutorials, tips, tools that can help programmers learn C++ from scratch and become proficient in it:

C++ Resources:

  1. 10 Tips for C++ Performance Improvement Code Optimization – Click Here
  2. Top Ten Tips for Correct C++ Coding – Click Here
  3. C++ Tips and Tricks – Click Here
  4. Top Productivity Tips for Using Eclipse for Embedded C/C++ Developers – Click Here
  5. Tips and Tricks for Code Golfing in C++ – Click Here
  6. Tips for C++ Development in Xcode – Click Here
  7. Ten tips on improving your programming skills – Click Here
  8. The Best Questions for Would-be C++ Programmers – Click Here
  9. Ten C++ Features Every C++ Developer Should Use
  10. Experiences Converting a C++ Communication Software Framework to Java – Click Here
  11. An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4 – Click Here
  12. An Introduction to XML Data Binding in C++ – Click Here
  13. C and C++: a Case for Compatibility – Click Here
  14. 5 Reasons to Use C++ for Android Development – Click Here
  15. Why C++ is the perfect choice for modern app development – Click Here
  16. C vs. C++ – Click Here
  17. Top 10 advantages of C++ over C. – Click Here
  18. Benefits with C++ in modern apps
  19. C++ Best Practices – Click Here

C++ Tutorials:

  1. Beginner’s Guide to C++ – Click Here
  2. How to Write a Simple C++ Program
  3. Creating Games in C++ – A Step-by-Step Guide – Click Here
  4. How to Design your First C++ Programs – Click Here
  5. Debugging your C++ Program – Click Here
  6. Converting between binary and decimal in C++ – Click Here
  7. Basic Inheritance in C++ – Click Here
  8. Guide into OpenMP: Easy multi threading programming for C++ – Click Here

C++ Cheat Sheets:

  1. C++ Reference Card – Click Here
  2. C++ and Java Syntax Differences Cheat Sheet
  3. Java cheat sheet for C++ programmers – Click Here

Video Resources:

  1. C++ Tutorial For Absolute Beginners – Play
  2. Understanding a Simple C++ Program – Play
  3. Creating Functions That Use Parameters in C++ – Play
  4. Using Variables in Classes in C++ – Play
  5. How to make a basic shopping list program in C++ – Play
  6. Converting MATLAB Code to Readable C++ – Play
  7. How To Compile Your First C++ Program in Visual Studio – Play
  8. Create a Basic Graphics Program in C++ – Play
  9. How to Create a Window in C++ – Play
  10. How to Write C/C++ program on Ubuntu Linux terminal – Play

Hope these resources will be helpful in giving you a complete gist of C++ programming and help you build remarkable C++ applications.

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