Media Transcription Services – Streamlining Operations for Media Firms

Media Transcription Services

In the world of media, news is fleeting and hence needs to be captured and posted immediately. Media transcription turns out to be a necessity for every small and big media firm in order to function well and meet tight deadlines. It is the technology of transcribing audio/video content into text file with the help of expert transcriptionists. The audio/video needs to be transcribed within desired timelines that can become a challenging task for any media company. Hence these firms outsource their transcription services to trusted service vendors in order to meet their objectives within the sharp deadlines. The outsourced companies provide optimum solutions as per the client’s demands with the help of experienced professionals. Media transcription services in the entertainment field generally covers audio transcription services, video transcription services, voice transcription services, podcast transcription services, multimedia transcription services, digital transcription services and the like.

Time Stamping/Time Coding in Media Transcripts: 

Time Stamping/Time Coding is a part of the value-added services of media transcription, availed by clients who outsource media transcription services regularly. It is nothing but the act of adding time references to the audio/video content. Every transcript should to be time-stamped so that it can be used later for proper identification and synchronization during editing of the transcribed version. As time stamp varies according to the project size, the post production transcription needs to be stamped whenever it is processed. Professional service providers are well-tuned with the method of time-stamping and hence can effortlessly handle this significant part of the media transcription process.

Specifications Of Time Stamping/Time Coding

  • Improved productivity and work flow management.
  • Guaranteed customer support service.
  • The start time, style, and frequency of time coding are recorded to ensure effective media transcription service.

Advantages of Outsourcing Media Transcription

Key advantages of delegating media transcription to third party service providers can be listed as:

  • Short turn around time (TAT).
  • Cost-effective transcription solution with high level of accuracy.
  • Highly customized format based on the client’s requirements.
  • High data security.



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