Decoding the Significance of Mortgage Support Providers in 2024
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Decoding the Significance of Mortgage Support Providers in 2024

Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner
January 5, 2024
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January 5, 2024


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The year 2024 opens to another period of economic uncertainty and a looming recession. Because of this, mortgage lenders are at the forefront of unforeseen challenges that might need some strategic adjustments. The pull and tug of 2023 have, in many ways, shaped the strategies of financial institutions for this year, prompting a closer look at their operational models and, invariably, greater dependence on support providers.

Fluctuating interest rates, evolving regulatory measures, and shifting borrower behaviors are the major factors expected to affect mortgage lending businesses in the new year. Therefore, delegating noncore processes to mortgage support firms will be the only viable option for mortgage lenders and credit unions in 2024.

This blog discusses the reasons for this reliance.

Did You Know?
According to The Business Research Company, the global mortgage lender market is anticipated to reach $1,615.97 billion in 2027 from $902.38 billion in 2022.

Current Trends in Mortgage Business

In 2023, The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) decided not to modify the federal funds rate. This will have a telling impact on home buying in 2024. If the federal fund rates remain unchanged in 2024, in keeping with the last three decisions, the possibility of a slash in mortgage rates will be high. Other trends likely to influence the mortgage market include wage growth, economic growth, and more millennials coming into play. If all of these fall in place, the number of homebuyers is expected to surge in 2024. 

However, with the anticipated surge, lenders will likely face substantial challenges in processing loan applications. A surge in demand means longer processing times, potential bottlenecks, and increased pressure on lenders' operational capacities.

Therefore, in 2024, reliance on third-party support providers will be a strategic option for mortgage lenders. Delegating aspects of the mortgage process, such as documentation verification, underwriting, and customer support, will help lenders cope with the challenges more effectively.

Average Mortgage Debt Statistics Q3 2023
Image 1 - Average Mortgage Debt Statistics Q3 2023

Why Mortgage Support Providers Will be in Demand in 2024

Lenders are increasingly turning to mortgage support for several compelling reasons. Some of the most important reasons are:

What is a mortgage loan origination?

Mortgage loan origination is the process of applying for and initiating a mortgage. It involves the lender assessing a borrower's financial background, property evaluation, completing paperwork, and finalizing the loan terms. Origination encompasses the initial steps leading to the approval and funding of a home loan.

To learn the best strategies to streamline mortgage loan origination, read our blog, ‘Best Ways to Streamline Mortgage Application Process.

1. Follow Up on Repayments and Defaults

The lending industry has encountered various challenges in recent years. It includes economic uncertainties, market volatility, and shifting borrower behaviors. One prime challenge that arose was managing repayments and defaults. Late payments and defaults impacted revenue and strained borrower relations.

Businesses increasingly turned to mortgage support providers in 2023 to overcome this challenge. This collaboration ensured timely follow-ups, mitigating defaults and fortifying financial stability.

As we transition into 2024, the significance of mortgage support in overseeing repayments and defaults will become important. The proactive nature of these services will allow mortgage lenders to focus on preventive measures, curbing potential defaults before they escalate. With advanced technologies and data analytics, lenders would further enhance their capabilities in predicting and preventing defaults.

2. Efficiency Brought About by Automated Systems

In the world of mortgage lending, lenders have long grappled with operational challenges like heavy manual processes, data silos, and inefficient workflows. These difficulties often led to delays, errors, and increased operational costs, hindering the seamless delivery of services. A lot of these difficulties were solved by investing in automated systems. However, such investments come at a huge cost burden.

In 2024, the importance of relying on mortgage vendors will intensify as third-party support providers have been the first to invest in advanced technologies like ML and OCR. Banking on tech-agnostic vendors will enable mortgage lenders to avail of automated processing services without having to invest in them. The result: heightened efficiency, improved customer experiences, and a competitive edge at no extra costs. 

3. Continued Reduction in Costs of Operations

One of the major challenges lenders faced in 2023 was inflated operational costs due to manual processes and resource-heavy tasks. This led to sluggish operations, increased errors, and a big strain on profitability. Therefore, opting for mortgage support was the only solution lenders had. The strategic delegation of tasks to mortgage vendors, ranging from document verification to customer service, lightened financial burdens for lenders.

Entering 2024, lenders will continue to recognize the indispensable role of mortgage support providers in cutting down their financial burdens. Mortgage vendors will be sought after to offer financial relief and long-term viability. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Mortgage Processing
Image 2 - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Mortgage Processing

4. Continued Operations Efficiency

In recent years, mortgage lending businesses have been struggling with fluctuating interest rates, evolving regulatory landscapes, and increased demand for seamless customer experiences. These hurdles affected the operational speed and efficiency of mortgage processing.

In 2023, like in the past, mortgage businesses started leveraging third-party support to get rid of these hurdles. Lenders started delegating tasks like document verification and compliance checks and witnessed increased productivity and accuracy. This newfound efficiency saved time and also mitigated errors in mortgage processing.

As 2024 unfolds, the reliance on support firms for lenders will become inevitable. Mortgage support will leverage advanced technologies like AI and automation to expedite processes. Lenders can anticipate faster turnaround times, reduced error rates, and enhanced customer experiences. By delegating routine tasks, lenders can reallocate resources strategically, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the competitive lending landscape.


Like in the years gone by, collaboration will be the key for lenders to succeed in the competitive mortgage landscape. It will ensure timely processing of applications, reduce turnaround times, and improve customer experience. It will also help them navigate regulatory complexities and mitigate risks associated with lending. Additionally, collaboration will foster innovation, enabling lenders to leverage emerging technologies and stay competitive.

Invensis, a distinguished mortgage processing services company with 22 years of expertise, stands as a testament to this. Our track record underscores the value we bring, offering tailored solutions, streamlined processes, and adherence to mortgage regulatory standards. Reach out to us now to explore tailored mortgage processing solutions for your lending business.

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