Strategies to Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Service


Ways to Improve Ecommerce Support Services

Surging global internet usage unsurprisingly forces businesses to opt for an e-commerce model. While convenience attracts customers to e-commerce, online firms must understand that customer retention depends on their e-commerce support services. With loyal customers by a business’s side, firms can crush the competition and emerge as a market leader. However, firms cannot translate this vision into reality without a solid backing from their competent support team.

Did you know that almost 67% of millennials preferring online shopping? Capitalize on this customer volume and grow your business phenomenally with our 7 ways to improve e-commerce support services.

7 Ways to Boost E-commerce Support Services

1. Diversify Across Multiple Social Media Channels

Firms retain an average of 89% of their customers by using their multichannel diversification approach.

A multichannel strategy uses several mediums to facilitate effective customer satisfaction. Through an efficient plan, you build a strong foundation with your clients by reaching and connecting with them.

Although you may diversify your reach, you still need to optimize your social media promotion to generate the best results. That includes being able to identify the best communication channel to support your customers well.  However, avoid relying on a single channel to serve your customers and grow your company. So, reach your clients where they are and provide top-notch services to them.

2. Recover Abandoned Cart Sales

Did you know that about 75% of shoppers abandon their purchase and leave their site?

Many e-commerce sites lose potential customers due to the cart abandonment issue. In most cases, buyers find some dissatisfying information right before they complete the purchase. Hence, the frustrated customer leaves the site, and businesses lose sales. This displeasing information could include high prices, late delivery dates, additional charges for taxes and shipping, and many others.

You could address the issue by emailing your potential leads to gather information about the cart abandonment. Upon analysis of this data, you could course correct by relieving them of their issues.

You could provide discounts, freebies, free shipping, or faster delivery to attract them to your services. Another way to drive customers is to indicate the popularity of the product by adding the ‘limited stock’ tag to your products.

3. Personalize in Real-time

You could turn-off 74% of online shoppers by posting content that doesn’t cater to their needs.

General marketing tactics that have a one-size-fits-all feel are no longer relevant. Modern shoppers are spoilt for choice and prefer a product that’s made specifically for them. 73% of buyers prefer the brands that use their personal information to create a customer-centric experience. So, use all the customer information at your disposal to create marketing messages that appeal to them.

Showing them that you’re relatable and know how to solve their problem will encourage sales and popularity. Though, while being relatable, don’t forget to respect your customer’s privacy.

4. Provide a Better Customer Experience

Unsurprisingly, customer service plays the most important role in e-commerce support. If you’re in a highly competitive space, make your customer experience extremely seamless and simple for your clients. An investment in the client experience sets you apart from your competition and grows your company by leaps and bounds.

Think about each operational aspect and make it contribute to the bigger goal of enhanced customer experience. Ensure you deliver faster, support well, and build a reputable image. Through an overall overhaul, you’ll be able to support your customers well and construct a long-term business.

5. Ensure Customers Don’t Have to Repeat Themselves

Almost two-thirds of customers find repeating their queries to the service personnel extremely annoying. It’s a common practice in support services to redirect calls and keep the customer waiting.

You need to ensure your customers don’t have to state their requests more than once and wait for long to get a response. Call centers can easily achieve this through employee training and conscious monitoring of customer services.

6. Optimize and Automate Online Order Fulfillment

Do you still manually pack and parcel your goods? It’s time to stop and adopt an automated order fulfillment system today. Your current order fulfillment is most likely slow, inefficient, and error-prone. To improve your customer service, you need faster systems that process faster, more effectively, and with fewer errors.

Good automation services help you achieve all that goodness. You save your processing and delivery time and make your customers very happy. One of the best examples of an automated order fulfillment center is Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service.

It demonstrates the scale and strength that an automated center possesses by stocking and shipping goods that could reach customers in a single day!

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7. Optimize your Search Results

Buyers extensively use the search option to look for product’s availability through their sites. If your customer can easily find the right product through your searches, the probability of a purchase increases. Did you know that buyers using the search functionality generate up to 13.8% in sales?

You can tap into this revenue, too, by improving your search results to produce wanted results on text and voice inputs. Firms need to focus on the appearance, access, and use of the search bar.

Ensure high visibility and availability of your search bar on all web pages. You simplify website navigation and improve search results through these actions. Enabling search through product attributes such as color, category, price range, and others can also prove useful to consumers.

Final Thought

Each e-commerce success story reflects a single truth. Your business’s primary goal should be to provide an enjoyable experience to all your customers to retain them longer. When you’re constructing your online presence, your only aim might be to sell. Nevertheless, you need to distance yourself from a ‘sales’ mindset and try to establish a connection with your customers. Though it may not give you immediate benefits, you’ll end up winning the long-term business game.


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